Don Cheadle, Anna Paquin, and Aaron Paul: What’s New on TV | March 13-15

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Don Cheadle in Black Monday. Anna Paquin in Flack. Aaron Paul in Westworld.  Here’s what to watch this weekend!


Friday, March 13


The Anna Paquin-produced series centers around public relations pro Robyn, who has a knack for getting high-profile celebrity clients out of embarrassing situations. This skill does not translate to her own life.

Comedy | Pop | 10pm | Season 2


The Pale Horse

Based on Agatha Christie’s novel, a man sets out to determine the reason his name is found in the shoe of a dead woman. The prime suspects? A trio of witches.

Drama| Prime Video | Miniseries


Saturday, March 14

More Funny Women of a Certain Age

A night of uninhibited comedy with mature women of standup. Starring Caroline Rhea, Carol Leifer, Tammy Pescatelli, Thea Vidale, Carole Montgomery and Julia Scotti.

Comedy | Showtime |10pm | Special


Sunday, March 15

Black Monday

Produced by and starring Don Cheadle, Mo (Cheadle) and his outsider cohorts go up against the old-boys club of 1987 Wall Street, leading to the biggest stock market crash in history.

Comedy | Showtime |10pm



Looks like the super-intelligent androids are on a mission to go well beyond their world, and they’re taking unknowing participants like Aaron Paul with them. This preview promises a thoughtful departure from the timeline we left with, and and equally beautiful soundtrack (watch the trailer for the orchestral cover of “Sweet Child of Mine” alone).

Drama/Sci-fi |HBO | 9pm



We’ll see you for next week’s shows! In the meantime, here is our newest blog on the TiVo Stream 4K:  Everything you need to know about the TiVo Stream 4K.


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