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TiVo+ is an always-growing, giant collection of free entertainment, exclusively for TiVo® customers. Look for this icon   on TiVo EDGE™, TiVo BOLT™, and the soon-to-arrive TiVo Stream 4K.

Here are all of the latest Kids channels TiVo+ offers, or that are coming very soon!



 Puddle Jumper

A collection of animated children’s series, including Bananas in Pyjamas and Gorden the Garden Gnome.

Mr. Bean & Friends

The home of amazing action packed full episode cartoons for kids to enjoy.


Kabillion is filled with loads of cartoons, both new and old!


Active, engaging and intelligent programming for children. Designed to spark curiosity, empower kids to explore, and develop skills that will help them with school and prepare them for life.

Kid Genius

Shows designed to intrigue kids ages toddler to teen. Stories that stimulate their senses and spark their imaginations.

Battery Pop

We update this list regularly and will be releasing new programming all year long, so check back often! Want to know more?

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