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Get your TiVo® remote ready, it’s an exciting week. Chrissy Teigen has a new show. Harlots is back for season 3. Florida Girls gives us an irreverent look at a gal-pal squad that never left home. And much, much more. Here’s what’s hot this week on TV.

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Bring the Funny

Reality competition. Tuesday July 9.  NBC 10p. New.

A comedy competition with variety acts, sketch comedy troupes, magicians, stand-up comics, and more. Here, we’ll let Chrissy Teigen explain.


The 2019 ESPYs

Sports/Live Event. Wednesday July 10.  ABC 8p. New.

The 2019 ESPYS will be hosted by Tracy Morgan.  Be sure to tune in to this athletic awards ceremony, where Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Tiger Woods, and Simone Biles are among the nominated athletes. There are some outliers too – take this one for instance, up for best “Best Viral Sports Moment.”


Florida Girls

Comedy. Wednesday July 10.  Pop TV 10p. New.

A group of girlfriends from the middle of nowhere, Florida re-examine their life choices after their only ambitious friend leaves their hometown to pursue her dreams. Ben Bladon, William Tokarsky, and Chris Williams star.



Drama. Wednesday July 10.  Hulu. Season 3 premiere.

When unrelentless madam Lydia Quigley attacks Margaret’s brothel, Margaret is forced to fight back at the risk of losing her family and her life. Sounds dramatic, we’ll be watching!


Marrying Millions

Reality. Wednesday July 10.  Lifetime 10pm. New.

This one gives us a glimpse into how the other half lives, and how quickly it can all go away. Fantasy? Train wreck? Either way we’re going to be turning in to this one.



Drama. Wednesday July 10.  FX 10pm. Season 3 premiere.


1980s Los Angeles. The crack cocaine epidemic has just begun and everyone is fighting for money, power, and influence.  Snowfall takes us along for a ride on a violent collision course as we follow a young street entrepreneur, a wrestler, a CIA operative, and the daughter of a Mexican crime lord.


The Strongest Man in History

Reality. Wednesday July 10. History, 10p. New.

Pulling a Viking war ship. Racing with pianos strapped on their back. Rolling up frying pans with their bare hands. Lifting 2,700lbs of people. Jeez, we need to get to the gym.


Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Reality. Thursday July 11. MTV, 8p. New.

Admit it. Deep in your heart of hearts you’ve been wondering what is new with Snooki, JWoww, Deena, Vinny, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie and The Situation. Here’s your chance.


The Outpost

Drama/Action & Adventure, Fantasy. Thursday July 11. CW, 9p. Season 2 premiere.

Talon (Jessica Green) recalls the ghosts of her childhood as she continues her search for those who killed her family. Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse) prepares the Outpost for war.  Spooky stuff. We’ll be tuning in for the second season of this fantasy series created by Kynan Griffin and Jason Faller.


Blown Away

Reality competition. Friday July 12. Netflix. New.

A *hot* competition among ten master glassblowing sculpture artists. This is a new one for the reality competition world – and we’ll be checking it out!

See the preview here:


Extreme Engagement

Reality. Friday July 12. Netflix. New.

An engaged couple jumps in feet-first and travels the globe for a year to explore marriage customs in different cultures throughout the world. We’ll be watching to see if this journey brings them closer or if it tears them apart.


Taco Chronicles

Foreign/Reality. Friday July 12. Netflix. New.

As if our respect the taco could get any deeper. We’ll be checking out Taco Chronicles to learn the rich, little-known histories behind each style of taco. Explore some of them in this eye-opening, mouth-watering food adventure.

Check out the trailer to this docuseries here:


True Tunes

Animation/Family. Friday July 12. Netflix. New.

Dare you to turn up the volume and watch this video in your office without flinching. We just did.
Anyway, here’s a fun one for the kiddos.


Injustice With Nancy Grace

Reality. Saturday July 13. Oxygen, 6p. New.

Here’s one for you true crime junkies and justice-seekers. Each episode exposes a case involving wrongful accusations, hidden evidence, unjust sentences, and investigations gone wrong. But Nancy doesn’t just report on the crimes, she solves them.


See what’s on TV next week!



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