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OK, April with its tax deadline is absolutely terrifying, but nothing beats the thrills and chills of Halloween, especially THIS Halloween because HALLOWEEN ENDS the final chapter in the 44-year-old saga of Michael Myers debuts October 14th in theaters and is streaming on Peacock. Head on over to our Instagram page and answer our Halloween themed questions so you can be entered into a drawing to win a promo code to catch up on any of the previous films in the franchise on VUDU.

It’s Halloween, Everyone’s Entitled To One Good Scare

The impact of John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN franchise can’t be understated.  This modest little horror film cost $300,000 and went on to gross almost $50M and is still wildly popular decades later. The franchise itself has grossed an impressive $700M – which is enough to buy every citizen of Haddonfield a knife-proof SUV!

HALLOWEEN inspired lucrative franchises like FRIDAY THE 13TH and SCREAM, plus movies like FUNHOUSE, MY BLOODY VALENTINE and many others.  The film also took an unknown actress, Jamie Lee Curtis (daughter of Hollywood royalty Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis) and launched her career.  No wonder the film was deemed “culturally significant” and is now in the collection of the Library of Congress.  In interviews writer/director/composer John Carpenter (yes, he scored the film, too) said he considered Michael Myers a “blank slate” on which people could project their fears.  We think he’s onto something!

Meet The Michaels

Over the decades, a number of talented actors have played the murderous maniac. Let’s check out a few –

HALLOWEEN (1978) – The original.  And the original Michael is Nick Castle (with a quick appearance by Tony Moran during the unmasking scene).  Nick also directed movies like Major Payne.

HALLOWEEN 4 – Taking place a decade after the first film, the hulking Michael was played by stuntman George Wilbur in this very popular addition to the legend.

HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION – Canadian actor Brad Loree dons the mask in this 2002 thriller.

HALLOWEEN (2007) – At 6’9”, former pro wrestler Tyler Mane was the largest performer to put on Michael’s jumpsuit.

HALLOWEEN ENDS – It seems fitting that the original Michael, Nick Castle is back to play “The Shape” one last time.

Which Michael made the most money?  That would be HALLOWEEN KILLS, which brought in $131M. In this high grosser, Michael was played by James Jude Courtney.

Happy Halloween

Whether your terror taste is old school horror or modern scare fests, we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween – just watch out for a hulking guy in a Mask. (We hear he’s not too fond of candy corn.)


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