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With return of shows like Alienist, Absentia, and Into the Dark, it’s a big weekend for drama, fantasy, and horror!  Not your thing? How about a reality competition where teams compete by building original Sims storylines….

This weekend has a little for everyone.

And if you make it a #BackyardMovieNight this weekend, tag @TiVo, we’ll be sending out random surprises to some folks!



Friday, July 17


Drama | Prime Video



Drama |Netflix | New


Father Soldier Son

Documentary | Netflix | Movie


Into the Dark: The Current Occupant

Horror | Hulu


The Sims Spark’d

Reality competition |TBS | 11pm | New


Sunday, July 19

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

Drama |TNT | 9pm


Don’t forget to tag @TiVo in your #BackyardMovieNight posts, we’ll be sending out random surprises to some folks!



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