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In a world filled with countless lists, from mundane shopping lists to daunting to-do lists, there’s one roster that holds the power to transform your entertainment realm – your TiVo Watch List. As the Back-to-School season sweeps in, what better occasion to delve into invaluable tips and nifty shortcuts that can unlock the full potential of this paramount TiVo feature? No textbooks required, just your trusty TiVo remote. Embark on a journey where personalization meets technology, as we navigate through the intricacies of your TiVo Watch List. Whether you’re craving cinematic spectacles or kids’ corner delights, this guide is your compass to crafting a tailored entertainment haven. So, relinquish the need for laborious study sessions, as we unveil the secrets that make your TiVo experience truly extraordinary.


TiVo takes your personal viewing preferences to the next level by making setting up a watch list incredibly easy.  We call it “My Shows” on the TiVo Stream 4K user interface.  You’ll call it “What I’m watching tonight!” All your favorite movies & shows are here, waiting for you – whether they’re from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu or any supported service.  To get to the “My Shows” list from any menu screen or, just press the TiVo button (at the top of your remote) for the menu to appear on the left side of the screen. Find “My Shows” on the menu bar and you are in! You can organize “My Shows” alphabetically by title (from A-Z) or by Date Added. Want to make changes?  Just toggle the 1 button on the TiVo remote.


Who doesn’t? Let’s say you’ve just watched a Spy movie and now you want more espionage – no problem.  Check out the “May Also Like” section at the bottom of the details screen and you’ll see other titles in that genre – some you may have heard of, others will be great cinematic surprises!

So, as you bid adieu to your notes and embrace your TiVo remote with renewed enthusiasm, remember that the world of limitless entertainment is at your fingertips. Until next month, when we return with more insider insights, may your TiVo adventures be brimming with excitement and discovery!


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