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If you’re planning for an epic Thanksgiving feast, why not add some great entertainment to the mix? TiVo Stream 4K makes it easy for you to binge your favorites – from movies to series, sports, niche programming and more. Let’s take a look at some of the Thanksgiving viewing available via TiVo, ready whenever you are!

Thanksgiving Treats

Every series has a Thanksgiving-themed episode and the wizards at TiVo tracked down some family-friendly favorites to put you in the Turkey Day mood:

· MODERN FAMILY – “Three Turkeys” (season 6/episode 8) – Phil and Luke want to do Thanksgiving, but Claire has a plan B because … well, it’s Phil and Luke! Stream it on Hulu.

· NEW GIRL – “Thanksgiving” (season 1/episode 6) – Jess invites a special guest to dinner and things go sideways from there. Stream it on Netflix.

· SCHITT’S CREEK – “Turkey Shoot” (season 1/episode 7) – David reluctantly agrees to go hunting turkeys to prove he can. But can he? Stream it on Vudu.

· SEINFELD – “The Mom and Pop Store” (season 6/episode 8) – While Kramer tries to save a small shoe repair shop, Jerry is on pins and needles wondering if he made the list for a big pre-Thanksgiving party. Stream it on Netflix.

· SUCCESSION – “I Went to Market” (season 1/episode 7) – Do treachery and family infighting take a day off for Thanksgiving? Of course not! Stream it on HBO Max.

· BLACK-ISH – “Auntsgiving” (season 3/episode 7) – Family drama takes a back seat to the traditional turkey feast at this family celebration. Stream it on Hulu.

· CHEERS – “Thanksgiving Orphans” (season 5/episode 9) – The gang’s all here in this touching holiday episode centered around the big meal. Stream it on Paramount+.

Hollywood also has a long tradition of creating beloved movies that celebrate family and friends during Thanksgiving. After your feast, put your feet up and let TiVo deliver some surefire fam favorites…

· DAN IN REAL LIFE (2007) – Steve Carell is a lonely widower who finds the perfect girl –until he discovers a familial connection that brings their budding romance to a halt! Stream it on Hulu.

· THE TURKEY BOWL (2019) – Old rivalries never die – even decades after high school – in this sports comedy starring Ryan Hansen and Matt Jones. Streaming on Prime Video.

· FREE BIRDS (2013) – Two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences to get turkeys off the Thanksgiving menu for good. Stream it on Starz.

· PIECES OF APRIL (2003) – Katie Holmes stars a rebellious daughter struggling to pull off the perfect Thanksgiving meal for her estranged family. Stream it on Pluto TV with TiVo+.

· HOLLIDAYSBURG (2014) – Five friends return from their first college semester to take stock of their lives in this coming-of-age comedy/drama. Streaming on Google Play.

· THANKSKILLING (2009) – A possessed turkey turns a holiday into a horror-day in this low budget slasher. Stream it on Pluto TV with TiVo+

· JIM HENSON’S TURKEY HOLLOW (2015) – Kids get swept up in a hunt to find the elusive monster of Turkey Hollow. Stream it on Prime Video.

Hopefully by now you’ve found a Turkey Day’s worth of great programming to help you digest that second slice of mom’s apple pie. And now that you’re in holiday mode, stay tuned for some Holiday cheer next month!


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