Think back to 1984… a time before cell phones, emails, and tweets. When you went to the movies, it was just you and the big screen! Four decades later, the summer movie season of 1984 is regarded as one of Hollywood’s finest, with many releases attaining cult status. What better time to put your phone on mute and enjoy a selection of films that have earned their place in American pop culture?


Here they are… ten iconic movies that will bring back your inner teen, no matter how old you were in 1984.  Iconic stars and brilliant plots will transport you to vastly different worlds as only Hollywood can. Let’s GO!

GHOSTBUSTERS: Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson are New York’s on-call exterminators for apparitions and phantoms. Forty years later, sequels and reboots of this iconic film are still being made. Who ya’ gonna call? Streaming on Prime Video.

GREMLINS: A traveling salesman brings his son a unique gift – a cute furry critter with some very specific care instructions.  When those aren’t followed exactly, LOOK OUT! Streaming on Vudu.

THE KARATE KID:  Ralph Macchio plays a new kid facing bullying in his new town until a wise old repairman (Pat Morita) teaches him a different type of karate – and awakens his inner warrior! Streaming on Vudu.

INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM: Harrison Ford returns as the swashbuckling archaeologist journeying through India to recover a stolen sacred relic. Streaming on Paramount+.

THE LAST STARFIGHTER: A teenager playing his favorite arcade game is recruited to use his skills to defend planet earth in an interstellar battle to the death! Streaming on Vudu.

PURPLE RAIN: Music icon Prince stars as a young musician on the rise, battling himself and a rival musician for success and romance in his hometown of Minneapolis. Streaming on Prime Video.

REVENGE OF THE NERDS: A group of lovable but nerdy college outcasts band together to reclaim respect and dignity from a band of rowdy jocks out to humiliate them at every turn. Streaming on Starz.

POLICE ACADEMY: A group of bungling recruits have a lot to learn if they want to make it to graduation day. Do they have what it takes to “Protect and serve?” Steve Guttenberg and football legend Bubba Smith star. Streaming on Prime Video.

THE NEVERENDING STORY: A forgotten book in an old bookstore transports a young student to another world that just might need his help to survive! Streaming on Vudu.

BEVERLY HILLS COP:  Eddie Murphy in his career-making role as a cop from gritty Detroit who seems out of his league when he travels to elite Beverly Hills to solve a hometown crime. Streaming on Netflix.

If you’ve seen even a couple of these iconic films, you’ll agree that there’s nothing like the 1980s! Hopefully, they took you back to reconnect with some fun memories – or helped you make new ones enjoying them with your family. Now that you’re back in 2024, we’ll see you next month for more inside TiVo information, tips, and treats.


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