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Holidays are all about making memories and nothing beats a cozy night in with family and friends to watch movies, eat, drink and be merry – and if it’s snowing outside, that’s a bonus! This year, the programming elves at TiVo went all out to pick some perfect holiday movie fare to entertain everyone in your circle, including the meanest Grinch on the couch.


The holidays have a special place in Hollywood and over the years, they’ve made some memorable holiday-focused productions. Here’s a handpicked list of some evergreen classics AND the best beverages to accompany them. (As always, alcoholic suggestions are for 21 and over).

RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER: This 1964 animated classic is still a must-see, featuring Santa, Rudolph, Yukon Cornelius and Bumble, the gentle abominable snowman.  With the vocal talents of singing legend Burl Ives!  Streaming on Vudu.

TO DRINK: Given the icy North Pole setting, we suggest A Hot Toddy – warm water, whiskey, honey and lemon.  Mmmm.

A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS: The first TV special based on the beloved Peanuts comic strip was an instant hit and will lift anyone’s spirits.  Streaming on Apple TV+.

TO DRINK:  Well, since the cast is made up of kids, let’s go with an age-appropriate Hot Chocolate, garnished with mini-marshmallows or the crushed candy of your choice!

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: James Stewart and Donna Reed headline this heartwarming 1946 film about feeling grateful for even the small things in life. Streaming on Amazon Prime.

TO DRINK:  Since this classic is set on Christmas eve, we think Eggnog is the perfect accompaniment – plain for the kiddies, add some spiced rum and nutmeg for the adults and It’s A Wonderful Evening.

SCROOGED: Bill Murray stars in a modern take on the Charles Dickens’ classic, set in the ruthless world of television.  Streaming on Paramount+.

TO DRINK:  Television is a high stress business, so what better way to take the edge off than with a Gin or Vodka Tonic?  Garnish with a twist of lemon or lime, forget the ratings and relax!

LOVE ACTUALLY: Eight different couples try to find happiness, in any form, during the frantic weeks before Christmas. Streaming on Netflix.

TO DRINK:  Since the film was shot in London, perhaps a nice cold pint of British Lager or a Tom Collins (gin, lemon juice and soda water), eh?

THE FAMILY STONE: A son brings his uptight girlfriend home for the holidays, but nothing’s prepared her for Christmas the Stone Family way!  Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker star.  Streaming on Peacock.

TO DRINK:  In an homage to the film’s New England setting, whip up a Cape Codder – Cranberry juice, vodka and a lime wedge.

HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS:  Accept NO substitutes – the 1966 animated classic about a miserly creature learning the true meaning of Christmas just gets better with age… no doubt due to Boris Karloff’s iconic narration.  Streaming on Prime.

TO DRINK:  We all know the Grinch is green, so you gotta have a green cocktail like The Grasshopper – crème de menthe, crème de cacao, a dash of single cream. Shake with ice and serve – perhaps with a side of Who Hash?

Wow… that third Grasshopper hit us hard, so we’re taking an aspirin and waiting for Santa!  From all of us at TiVo, we wish you and yours a very happy and safe Holiday and we’ll see you in January for more TiVo trivia, tips and inside scoop.


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