Welcome to the New Year!  The mercury is taking a nosedive which makes your warm couch THE place to be.  Let TiVo turn it into a futuristic command center to whisk you to worlds far beyond our own!  Embrace the January blues with Sci-Fi classics and bold new films. Navigate the perils of hostile alien encounters, explore awe-inspiring and enigmatic planets, and immerse yourself in the thrilling drama and danger of the cosmic frontier. Come aboard as TiVo shares some hand-picked titles to blast you out of winter in futuristic style. Buckle up, adventure awaits!


Although all genres exhibit the magic and ingenuity of moviemaking, science fiction is where Hollywood imaginations truly shine.  Stunning set designs, intricate modelmaking, award-winning makeup, game-changing visual effects and, of course, layered stories that transport you to another world.  Strap in as TiVo presents a selection of essential Sci-Fi cinema – perfect for a chilling winter evening or a lazy day at home with the family.


No, they don’t make ‘em like they used to and these movies have stood the test of time with iconic stars, brilliant music and effects.  If you’ve missed them, NOW is the time to see them.  If you saw them back in the day, you really need to check ‘em out again…

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY:  Five decades after its release, Stanley Kubrick’s visionary space epic remains a sensory extravaganza.  Streaming on Max.

WESTWORLD: Before the HBO series, there was the 1973 thriller set in a futuristic resort staffed by robots where nothing can go wrong… until it does!  Yul Brynner gives a legendary performance as an unstoppable cowboy killer, written and directed by Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton.  Streaming on Prime.

ROLLERBALL::  A hard-hitting thriller about a brutal sport where every game is rigged until a tough player won’t get with the program.  Streaming on Tubi

THE OMEGA MAN:  Matinee idol Charlton Heston gives a haunting performance as the lone survivor of a post-apocalyptic LA, trying to outlast and outwit deadly mutants.  Streaming on Vudu.

THE TIME MACHINE: George Pal’s time-traveling vision of our very unsettling future starring Rod Taylor, based on HG Wells classic novel.  Beware the Morlocks!  Streaming on Prime.

THE BLOB: This 1958 classic is an oldie but goodie about an alien lifeform terrorizing small town America. Steve McQueen stars!  Streaming on Max.

THX 1138: Before Star Wars, George Lucas directed this terrifying vision of the future where love is illegal under robot-controlled law. Streaming on Vudu.

SOYLENT GREEN: During a murder investigation in an overpopulated New York, a seasoned NYPD detective discovers the horrifying true nature of the food keeping everyone alive! Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson (in his final role) star.  Streaming on Prime.

ALIEN: Ridley Scott’s brilliant tale of an industrial spaceship’s crew battling an insidious creature with acid for blood and there’s no way out! In space, no one can hear you scream. Streaming on Vudu.


Over the decades, sci-fi filmmaking has evolved from drive-in fare to the cutting edge of moviemaking.  These films show you how far Hollywood has come, and where some brilliant cinematic minds can take you…

A HITCHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY: A Sci-Fi comedy romp from our world to places far beyond.  Sam Rockwell and John Malkovich star. Streaming on Amazon Prime.

AD ASTRA: Brad Pitt is an astronaut willing to go to the outer edge of our solar system to reconnect with his lost father. Streaming on Vudu.

EX MACHINA: A wealthy CEO and AI pioneer enlists the help of an employee to see if his latest creation, Ava, can pass off as human… but Ava has an agenda of her own! Streaming on Max.

STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT: The Enterprise goes through a dangerous time warp in pursuit of the Borgs.  Patrick Stewart stars as Captain Picard. Streaming on Paramount+.

A QUIET PLACE: Shhh… if they hear you, they hunt you! Emily Blunt and John Krasinski must keep their family quiet and alive as they run from alien creatures that hunt by sound.  Streaming on Paramount+.

WAR OF THE WORLDS:  It doesn’t get much bigger than Steven Spielberg directing Tom Cruise in their 2005 epic re-telling of H.G. Wells novel about an invasion by hostile alien beings!  Streaming on Netflix.

While this list captures some exceptional films, there are many more cinematic gems. Fortunately, TiVo simplifies the search for these hidden treasures with our award-winning Voice Control feature. Simply say the name of a favorite star, director, or title, and TiVo will seamlessly deliver it to you. Or TiVo can provide other titles based on your viewing preferences.  Watch any of the above and – presto – other Sci-Fi titles will appear.  Brace yourself; you might find yourself floating in the cinematic cosmos until the arrival of spring!

Ok, we’re attempting re-entry and a soft landing so we can be back with you next month.  Over and out – for now!


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