Break out the zoomies and scratch that itch for some aww-worthy flicks. How about settling in with the family, or having an indoor date night, with a hand-picked selection of films that showcase furry stars?  From a crazy cross-country road trip to a raging Alaska blizzard, celebrate The Dog Days of Summer with films that ooze adorable-ness on the silver screen. Pass the popcorn and cue in all the sappy…

DOG – A funeral forces an Army Ranger to escort a military canine on a mad-dash road trip that will either break him or be the life-changer they both need!  Channing Tatum stars (and co-directs). Streaming on Vudu.

MARLEY & ME – Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson star in this dramedy about a young couple starting out in life with a new house, new jobs, and a new dog. This movie is based on the best-selling memoir from John Grogan. Streaming on Peacock.

ISLE OF DOGS – Wes Anderson directs an all-star cast in the stop-motion animation tale of a boy searching for his beloved pet in a world where dogs aren’t allowed. Featuring the vocal talents of Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Jeff Goldblum and others.  Streaming on Disney+.

MAX – A four-legged military service dog needs love and care when he returns from service – but will he be the right fit for the family of a fallen soldier? Streaming on Vudu.

AIR BUD A young boy and a talented stray dog with an amazing basketball playing ability become instant friends in this family favorite. Streaming on Amazon Prime.

TOGO – Willem Dafoe stars as a man ferrying a vital serum through blizzard conditions in 1920’s Alaska – relying upon the powerful sled dog he almost gave away.  Streaming on Disney+.

Every dog has its day so enjoy our cinematic picks that showcase the wonder of our furry friends (and maybe your pup might like to play with a chew toy while you indulge?).


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