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Today’s TV is a far cry from your parent’s clunky living room model. Chances are, your TV is bigger, flatter and more powerful – it has to be with the plethora of programming options available. “Free, ad-supported viewership has grown very rapidly over the past 12 months and quality content is fueling this growth. Studios and networks are making more premium movies and TV series available in AVOD/FAST and consumers are clearly responding,” says Scott Maddux, VP of Content Strategy and Business Development at TiVo.

  • 64% of consumers utilize at least one AVOD (Advertising-based Video on Demand) FAST service. This boost is driven largely by Millennial audiences, up from 60% year-over-year.
  • 47% of AVOD viewing is FAST content.
  • There’s been a whopping 99% growth in the number of channels and a 103% growth in the number of viewing hours from 2020-21 alone!
  • Viewers are watching more and engaging longer especially with the most popular FAST content categories – news, entertainment, crime and sports.

FAST is Firing Up!

  • People just love watching FREE content with no in-house gear or commitments like contracts or monthly fees.
  • In just the last 3 years, some 20 FAST service providers have appeared, offering over 1000 channels!
  • Content providers can align with this new consumption habit as FAST channels offer them new revenue streams with monetization opportunities, and they are finding new digital audiences.

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