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This summer, 6 golf phenoms took up residence at the TiVo Tee House, a mega-cabin in the wooded hills of South Lake Tahoe complete with indoor pool, screening room, and 12 TVs hooked up with TiVo Stream 4Ks.

The group was in town to compete in the inaugural TiVo Classic Golf Tournament, taking place over three days at Edgewood. The course, dubbed by many as the most beautiful golf course on earth, edges up against Lake Tahoe and is surrounded by wooded hills, with a snow-speckled mountain landscape as a backdrop.

The TiVo Classic inaugural group of golfers consisted of social media stars Garrett Clark, Micah Morris, Josh Kelly, George Bryan, Brice Butler, and Hailey Ostrom.

The TiVo Classic brings together an alternate shot challenge, a 2-person scramble, and a best ball challenge into one competition. Much like how TiVo Stream 4K brings all of your favorite shows from your different apps into one screen.

“TiVo, a classic brand, has reinvented the way we watch TV once again,” says Ben Maughan, SVP and GM of Consumer at TiVo. “So we’ve teamed up with a group of young golfers who are changing the way we look at golf, to create the TiVo Classic Golf Tournament.”

Welcome to Tahoe!

So let’s get it! Below you can get a tour of the TiVo Tee House, and watch all 3 days of the TiVo Classic Golf Tournament.

Day 1 of the TiVo Classic: The 2v2v2 Scramble.

In this 3-team game with 2 people per team, both players on the team each hit a tee shot, and then the players decide which they like better. Both players then play from that spot. The person who’s shot was not taken picks up their ball and moves it to the selected spot.


Day 2 of the TiVo Classic: The 2v2v2 Alternate Shot Challenge.

Three teams, Two members per team, one ball per team. Each team member takes turns hitting the same ball until the hole is completed.

Day 3 of the TiVo Classic: Best Ball.

In the 2-person best ball challenge, each golfer plays their own ball. The lower score of each of the 2-person team is the score for the hole.


And now for a peek inside the TiVo Tee House

From an indoor pool, sauna, and steam room, to the giant 3-story staircase, to the, uh, beverage pong table, there were endless possibilities for trickshots. Let’s look at some of the fun the group got into while they were at the TiVo Tee House.

Let us show you around a little.

Here’s a speed-through tour of the TiVo Tee House!

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Go Behind the scenes of the TiVo Classic.

Get a look from Hailey Ostrom’s POV at the 3 days of the TiVo Classic, and the fun (and some great trick shots) at the TiVo Tee House in Lake Tahoe.

Want more TiVo Classic?

Check out the TiVo Tee House and TiVo Classic Story montage on TiVo’s Instagram.

Keep up with the inaugural TiVo Classic golfers: Brice Garrett, George, Hailey, Josh, and Micah.

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