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May is the gateway month to Summer and all the lazy, fun-filled days that follow… but before you fire up the barbecue, let’s remember that May is also all about moms!  Sure, you might have picked out the perfect gift or splurged on some gorgeous flowers, but TiVo wants to help you keep your best girl entertained with some hand-picked mom-centric movies that will put a smile on her face.  So, let’s put a bow on the TiVo remote and check out our amazing maternal movie lineup…


Hollywood loves mom almost as much as you do and TiVo has curated a list that proves it, from heartwarming classics to modern day rom-coms.  Here’s a collection of films that are worth skipping brunch over!

THE FIRST WIVES CLUB: Three ladies (Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton) don’t take their divorces lying down – they go all out for revenge on the husbands that left them for other women. Streaming on Pluto TV.

20th CENTURY WOMEN: Annette Bening plays a 1970’s mother trying to forge a relationship with her difficult 15-year-old son, using the help of two wily young women from the neighborhood. Streaming on Max.

ERIN BROCKOVICH:  Julia Roberts gives an Oscar-winning performance as a small-town woman who wasn’t afraid to take on a huge mega-corporation when she discovered it was poisoning her town’s water. Streaming on Prime Video.

BOOK CLUB: Movie legends Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen star as book club friends who decide to read something a bit racier – Fifty Shades of Grey, which has a surprising effect on their lives and loves! Streaming on Paramount+.

MOTHER’S DAY:  Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson topline this rom-com that celebrates motherhood and family. Streaming on Max.

THE MOTHER:  Jennifer Lopez plays a military-trained operative who goes into action to save the daughter she’s never met.  Hey, moms like action movies, too! Streaming on Netflix.

OTHERHOOD: Three suburban mothers take matters into their own hands to connect with their adult sons living in the big city. Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette and Felicity Huffman star. Streaming on Netflix.

THE GUILT TRIP:  Wouldn’t YOU want to go on a road trip with the iconic Barbra Streisand and comedy star Seth Rogen? Babs plays a mother who guilts her son (Rogen) into letting her go on his once-in-a-lifetime road trip – with genuinely touching results! Streaming on Pluto TV.

JULIE & JULIA: A devoted fan of legendary chef Julia Child decides to cook every recipe in her huge cookbook, giving herself a year to do it! Meryl Streep and Amy Adams star. Streaming on Vudu.

Well, that’s a wrap! If these movies don’t entertain and inspire Mom, you may have to resurrect those brunch reservations…  We’re sure she’s going to enjoy these films – almost as much as being with her family.  Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, we wish you a blissful day of family fun!


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