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This month, we take a look at the Smart TV phenomenon by taking a deep dive on tech and trends – who’s buying it, what it offers and where it’s going.

These days, 67% of American households report owning at least one Smart TV with sales forecast to rise a robust 10.9% annually from 2022-2030. In fact, by 2026 more than HALF of all households worldwide will have at least one Smart TV. And those TVs can do more, show more content and make browsing for your favorite live TV or movies easier – but that also means consumer fatigue and frustration with all the content choices and options. Some proprietary Smart TV technology makes it difficult for consumers to access all the services they want to see – taking the so-called “walled garden” approach. Fortunately, there’s TiVo – the company that totally revolutionized the way people watch TV.

The TiVo Smart TV Revolution
Consumers are already ahead of the game as TiVo already offers many of the features that go into Smart TV technology! For example, TiVo aggregates all streaming services into one easy to use content first experience that makes it easy to create universal watch lists across favorite streaming apps so they never miss a thing! TiVo also offers content personalization to help viewers not only find what they love to watch but also discover more TV shows and films based on their preferences. TiVo eliminates the clutter so you select only the streaming services you want to watch!


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