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It’s golf season. And if you’re fans like us, you’re watching the U.S. Open on TiVo Stream 4K.

But why stop there? TiVo brings all the best golf matches and movies together into one screen, along with hundreds of hours of bonus PGA footage, leaderboards, analysis, and live scores for free on TiVo+.

It’s a great time to brush up on all the best golf entertainment with TiVo as your couch caddy.

How many of these classic golf movies and documentaries do you still have to check off of your to-watch list?


Must-See Golf Documentaries

Uneven Fairways

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on Peacock

Host Samuel L. Jackson dives into the little-known history of African American golfers who paved the way for future stars of golf by standing up for their rights. Featuring interviews from these golfers as they retell the dramatic change of the landscape of the sport over the past 100 years. Directed by Dan Levinson. With Tiger Woods, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gary Player.

Initial release: February 11, 2009



Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on HBO

Tiger is a two-part documentary that looks squarely at the rise, fall, and return of Tiger Woods. The documentary includes never-before-seen-footage and interviews with his former caddy and close friend, Steve Williams, Tiger’s first love, Dina Parr, and Rachel Uchitel who was at the center of Woods’ sex scandal.

Directed by Matthew Heineman, and Matthew Hamachek.

Initial premiere: Jan 10 & 17, 2021


The Founders

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on Prime Video

The Founders is an inspiring reminder that women’s golf is where it is today because a group of trailblazing women fought to tour at a time when women were barred from the sport. The doc features members from this original group and shows us where they are now.

Directed by Charlene Fisk and Carrie Schrader.

Release date: January 24, 2016


The Short Game

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on Netflix

Netflix’s first original documentary follows some of the world’s best grade school golfers as they gather to compete at Pinehurst, North Carolina in the World Championships of Junior Golf.

Directed by Josh Greenbaum. Starring Sky Sudberry, Allan Kournikova, and Jed Dy. Executive produced by Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Timm Oberwelland, John Battsek and David Frankel.

Release date: September 20, 2013


30 for 30: Hit It Hard

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on Prime Video

John Daly’s “grip it and rip it” style does not stay on the course. One of golf’s biggest personalities has a very unique story of how he rose to the top of the sport. Hit It Hard covers Daly’s his wild career, his powerful comeback and what he’s up to today.

Directed by David Fine, and Gabe Spitzer.

Release date: March 13, 2016


Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on Prime Video, YouTube

Loopers takes an interesting new look at golf by examining the age-old, special bond between golfer and caddie.

Directed by Jason Baffa. Starring Bill Murray, Michael Allen, and Ben Crenshaw.

Release date: June 7, 2019


The Most Classic Golf Comedies

Happy Gilmore

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: HBO Max, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, Vudu

Much to the chagrin of a bunch of well-mannered golfers, aspiring professional hockey player Happy Gilmore enters a golf tournament to try and win enough money to save has his grandmother’s home. Starring Adam Sandler and Frances Bay.

Release date: February 16, 1996



Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: YouTube, Tubi, Vudu Amazon Prime Video

A down-on-his-luck teen volunteers to caddy for a prominent golfer so he can try to win a college scholarship reserved for caddies. As he crams for the big day, a wealthy golf guru bestows new-age advice upon him. Starring Michael O’Keefe, Ted Knight, and Chevy Chase.

Release date: July 25, 1980


Caddyshack II

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: HBO Max, Tubi, Vudu, YouTube, Prime Video

When a real estate tycoon can’t get into an upper-crust country club, he simply buys the club. Then out of spite, he turns it into an amusement park. The snooty golfers challenge the tycoon to a golf match for possession of the club, while hiring a deranged mercenary to ensure they’ll get it back.
Starring Jackie Mason and Dan Aykroyd.
Release date: July 22, 1988


The Caddy

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: Prime Video, Paramount+, Vudu

A shy golfer convinces his buddy to golf in his place, while he acts as his buddy’s caddy. What could go wrong? Starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Donna Reed.

Release date: August 10, 1953


Pat and Mike

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: Prime Video, YouTube, Vudu

Romance blossoms between a female athlete and her manager. Starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Directed by George Cukor.

Release date: June 13, 1952


The Best Golf Dramas

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: Disney+, Vudu, Prime Video, YouTube

A blue-collar caddy fine-tunes his skills during off-hours.  Fast forward to the 1913 U.S. Open where the caddy competes against his boyhood idol.  Based on a true story. Directed by Bill Paxton and starring Shia LaBeouf, Elias Koteas, and Stephen Dillane.
Release date: September 30, 2005


Seve the Movie

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: Tubi, Prime Video, YouTube, Vudu

Severiano Ballesteros battles adversity to become one of the greatest professional golfers of all time. Directed by John-Paul Davidson, starring José Luis Gutiérrez.

Initial release: June 27, 2014


The Legend of Bagger Vance

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: Hulu, Sling TV, Prime Video, Showtime, YouTube, Google Play

A once-promising local golfer returns from World War I with an opportunity to play the greatest golfers of the Great Depression era at a high-stakes match. He’s got nothing… until the enigmatic Bagger Vance steps in.

Directed by Robert Redford, narrated by Jack Lemmon, and starring Charlize Theron, Will Smith, and Matt Damon.

Release date: November 3, 2000


Tin Cup

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: Tubi, Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play

A rebel golf instructor falls for his newest pupil, a psychiatrist who happens to be dating a PGA star and the instructor’s biggest rival. The teacher makes a run for the both the PGA Tour and his student’s love. Directed by Ron Shelton, starring Kevin Costner, Rene Russo, and Don Johnson.

Release date: August 16, 1996


Seven Days in Utopia

Find it on your TiVo Stream 4K on: Peacock, Prime Video, Tubi

A young golfer has a public blow-up that overshadows his once-promising career. one day, when he crashes through the fence of eccentric rancher, the rancher comes back with a strange challenge: spend a week with him in the tiny town of Utopia and see if the young golfer can change his life. Starring Lucas Black and Robert Duvall.

Release date: September 2, 2011 (USA)



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