To celebrate the end of winter and the start of spring, our dear friends at Pluto TV are beckoning you on a month-long odyssey into the very depths of terror – and the best part? It’s all available for FREE on TiVo+. So, there’s absolutely no excuse not to indulge in spine-tingling delights!


We turned the lights on and did a deep dive to bring you some of the best scary flicks Pluto TV is streaming this month.  From thirsty vampires to crazed killers, haunted houses and much more. Many of these fright flicks feature major stars because even they enjoy a good scare!

So, grab your garlic cloves – or at least the garlic dip – and enjoy…

EVIL DEAD: Trying to kick her drug habit, a young woman and her friends detox in a remote cabin.  All goes according to plan until one of them awakens an ancient evil spirit.

OCULUS: Haunted by their parents’ violent deaths, adult siblings Kaylie and Tim grapple to rebuild their relationship while uncovering the sinister truth behind their antique mirror, the Lasser Glass, which harbors a malevolent force infecting their minds.

30 DAYS OF NIGHT:  Alaska’s long dark winter is the perfect cover for a gang of hungry vampires!

SHUTTER ISLAND:  Leonardo DiCaprio is on the case as an investigator solving a crime in a notorious hospital for the criminally insane.

FACE/OFF:  Ok, this IS an action flick, but since the plot involves switching faces (for real), we think it makes the horror grade.  Nicholas Cage and John Travolta star!

HOSTEL:  Most college kids backpack through Europe… but few wake up in a dungeon with psychopaths who pay to use all manner of surgical tools on them!

THE LAZARUS EFFECT: Some brilliant grad students think they’ve found a way to return life to the dead – until they experiment on one of their own.  Olivia Wilde stars.

GHOST HOUSE: A young couple vacationing in Thailand confronts an unspeakable evil that turns their dream trip into a nightmare!

MST3K: THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH: The beloved MST3K team tackles a low budget 1964 beach horror classic – and the results are groovy, baby!

May this terror-iffic lineup serve as the perfect excuse to set aside your Spring Cleaning chores, kick back, and relish in some well-deserved thrills and chills courtesy of Pluto TV. Until next month, stay tuned for more exclusive TiVo scoop and unforgettable entertainment experiences!


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