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A TV series is born from the Bourne film franchise. Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci pair up. Paul Rudd shows up in two roles this week… within one show. Here are the hottest new shows coming to your TV.

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Monday, October 14


The runaway Canadian comedy cult hit series is back for a seventh season.

Comedy, Hulu. Monday, October 14. Season 7.


Tuesday, October 15


In season 7, we saw a rare flash forward into the future. In its final season, Arrow hints that history repeats itself.

Drama, CW. Tuesday, October 15 9pm. Season 8.


The Purge

This season we discover that the purge is making people more violent. And not just on purge night.

Drama/Horror, USA.Tuesday, October 15, 9pm. Season 2.



The Bourne film franchise gets its first TV series spinoff as a group of agents around the globe are “awakened” to begin their black ops missions.

Drama, USA.Tuesday, October 15, 10pm. New.


Wednesday, October 16

2019 CMT Artists of the Year

Celebrating country music and the inspiration behind it. Here are Artist of the Year nominees Dan + Shay.

Live event/Music, CMT.Wednesday, October 16, 8pm. Special.



The YouTube Original chronicles the events of Henry, who awoke after trauma with the power of teleportation. As she and her friends unravel this mystery, things get dangerous.

Drama, YouTube. Wednesday, October 16. Season 2.



Based on a 2015 top podcast on iTunes, this X-Files-like storyline follows Jessica Biel as she investigates the disappearance of 326 people who vanished without a trace.

Drama, Facebook Watch.Wednesday, October 16, 9pm. New.


Friday, October 18

Living With Yourself

Paul Rudd undergoes a new-age treatment to become a better person, and ends up being replaced by a better version of himself.

Comedy, Netflix. Friday, October 18. New.


Sunday, October 20


It’s alternate present-day America and Robert Redford is president. The internet was never invented.  Superheroes have been outlawed – which becomes a problem as the country is facing major racial unrest.

Drama, HBO. Sunday, October 20, 9pm. New.


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