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JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION hits theaters on June 10th from Universal Pictures.  It’s impossible to overstate the impact this iconic franchise has had on pop culture – the five previous films grossed an astonishing $5 billion worldwide, spawning toys, games, rides and sparking the imaginations of a generation of kids.  Want to get a Jurassic jump on the franchise?  You don’t need John Hammond’s cash – all you need is your TiVo Stream 4K to catch up on the prior Jurassic films in the franchise on Vudu.  You can explore the dino-infested jungles and waterways from the safety of your couch – just “Hold onto your butts!”

Let’s Go Back in Time and Meet the Movies…


The OG dino movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, based on Michael Crichton’s best-seller. The film kickstarted use of CGI effects and DTS audio for tentpole films.

  • The earth-shaking T-Rex ROAR was created by mixing the sounds of dog, penguin, alligator, and elephant into one terrifying bellow!
  • James Bond himself, actor Sean Connery, was first offered the role of Jurassic Park’s founder, John Hammond – which ultimately went to Sir Richard Attenborough.

What to Watch For:  The T-Rex busting out of his pen, Dr. Satler (Laura Dern) plunging her arms up to the elbows in dino-dung!



After years of back and forth, Michael Crichton finally penned a sequel novel, but the filmmakers only used small segments, creating their own storyline.  Once again, Steven Spielberg was in the director’s chair.

  • Most of the film was shot in Humboldt County, CA – unlike the first film which was lensed in Hawaii.
  • Screenwriter David Koepp has a cameo as a man eaten by a T-Rex.

What to Watch For: The dangling trailer, the Velociraptor attack in the long grass (ouch!), Mom AND Dad T-Rex attack – prompting one of Jeff Goldblum’s best lines, “Mommy’s very angry.”


A rescue mission on Isla Sorna goes off the rails in this third film, directed by Joe Johnstone.

  • The script evolved as the film was in production, making for a challenging shoot.
  • Was the first JP film not to be based on a Crichton novel (although Michael Crichton did brainstorm with the screenwriters during early development.)
  • The Spinosaurus animatronic, built by the legendary Stan Winston, was 44 feet long and weighed 24,000 pounds!

What to Watch For: The EPIC T-Rex vs Spinosaurus battle, the Raptor ambush, being trapped in the Pteranodon enclosure.



After a 14-year gap, the franchise came back to life in this film directed by Colin Trevorrow.

  • Pulling in $1.6 billion, JURASSIC WORLD is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.
  • An abandoned 6 Flags Amusement Park was used as the fictional dinosaur theme park.
  • The original title was JURASSIC PARK: EXTINCTION.

What to Watch For: Indominus Rex vs The Gyrosphere, Chris Pratt’s narrow escape and… of course the T-Rex vs Indominus Rex battle!





Director J.A. Bayona took the reins on this film, shot in the U.K and Hawaii.

  • The script includes dialogue taken from the original Jurassic Park novel.
  • Jeff Goldblum’s entire appearance was shot in one day.
  • The film features more animatronic dinos than any previous entry in the franchise.

What to Watch For:  The fiery (and sad) death of the Brachiosaurus… the Mosasaurus gets hungry… Mr. Mills meets the T-Rex (Crunch)!




The franchise is full of beloved movie moments including childlike wonder and nail-biting terror – which is why audiences keep coming back. Want to get this “Movable Feast” underway?  Watch the first five films on Vudu with your TiVo Stream 4K.


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