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Just over a year ago, TiVo transformed the streaming media landscape by introducing an industry-changing, “content first” user experience with TiVo Stream 4K, empowering you to find your favorite movies, shows, and videos from across live TV, on-demand and streaming services from countless apps in a unified experience.

We continue to democratize content by ensuring live tv, subscription, ad-supported, or free content each have a fair shot to win your daily choice to find, watch, and enjoy TV by bringing content together – not separating them by a “sea of apps”.  While our industry has opted for minimalist remotes, with fewer buttons, our data knew better – so we kept the famous TiVo “peanut” remote and improved it for the streaming era. Others now mimic both the “content first” approach and a more functionally designed remote control. But we’re not finished yet and we will release more TiVo ingenuity based on customer, market, and partner readiness in future updates.

When we launched TiVo Stream 4K, we had only a handful of key partner streaming services on board including: Sling, Netflix, Disney+, Prime, and PlutoTV. Now we have over 20+ Streaming Services including HBO Max, Peacock, STARZ, Paramount+, Hulu, Tubi, and more to come. Plus, we continue to grow TiVo+, our ad-supported streaming service with over 150 free channels. But we’re not finished yet and we will continue to integrate more streaming services to meet the demand for interesting and binge-worthy content.

We are silently reading your comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, various blogs – and improving our device accordingly. This can be seen directly in the enhanced consumer electronics control, improvement in high dynamic range, and video and sound quality, to name a few.  Our next TiVo Stream 4K firmware release (v5614) is starting its roll out today across our customers. It includes various enhancements, most notably improving performance of the YouTubeTV service on the device.  But we’re not finished yet and will continue to release firmware and stream app updates regularly.

We initially released TiVo Stream 4K with sole distribution through just over a year ago.  This device is now available at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and various other retail partners.  But we’re not finished yet and continue buying new TiVo Stream 4K inventory to support and expand our Direct-to-Consumer channels based on existing agreements plus new distribution opportunities.

As was widely reported recently, YouTubeTV has provided many of their loyal subscribers with redemption codes for TiVo Stream 4K. This is similar to other promotions with RCN, Wave, and Sling and further supports our aim to be an unbiased and neutral party in this growing space.  But we’re not finished yet and will continue to expand our partnerships as TiVo Stream 4K continues to be the best choice as the only viable, independent, neutral streaming media device.

 We are currently at the mid-point of our most successful TiVo Stream 4K marketing campaign ( to date with a timely focus on golf (Phil Mickelson is our current hero!) and the availability of live and on demand golf content on TiVo Stream 4K. This past week, we wrapped up our most recent and exciting experiential influencer activation at Edgewood Golf Course in Lake Tahoe along with the “Tee House”, hosting Brice, Garrett, George, Hailey, Josh, and Micah. But we’re not finished yet and will continue to build recognition of the iconic TiVo character with today’s streaming enthusiasts.

You, our current and future TiVo Stream 4K customers, inspire us each day to build a more perfect streaming media device and authentic, movie-loving, tv-loving, video-loving brand.  Thank you for making this device part of your home experience as you find, watch, and enjoy your favorite live tv, on-demand, streaming services from countless apps on a single screen.

But we’re not finished with it.

Ben Maughan
SVP / GM of TiVo Stream 4K, TiVo Stream OS, & TiVo Consumer


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