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We’ll be collecting the most-asked questions about TiVo Stream 4K on social media, and sharing them here. Here’s what we have so far!

Want more? Here is our list of all TiVo Stream 4K FAQs.  And here’s where you can get your own TiVo Stream 4K!




What is the difference between Prime and Prime Video from Amazon?

Prime gives you free movies and TV shows included with Prime membership. Prime Video has movies and TV shows you can purchase and subscribe to.



Why am I getting a black screen on the TiVo Stream 4K?

UPDATE: RESOLVED! Some customers were experiencing this when attempting to access the Android Home Screen. This has been resolved & you now will be able to quickly reach the AndroidTV Home Screen when you press the ”O” button.

Still experiencing it? Make sure to plug your device into the wall outlet, not into the TV USB port.


Why is my TV turning on by itself after I plug in the TiVo Stream 4K?

UPDATE: RESOLVED! For those who were experiencing the TiVo Stream 4K randomly powering back on a TV or switching HDMI inputs, “Ghost TV” has been resolved in the latest update! You can re-enable your TV’s CEC if you had previously disabled it

Certain TVs may power on randomly upon hookup. We’re fixing it! In the short term, here’s one way you can fix it.


Will TiVo Stream 4K get more apps?

You bet! TiVo Stream 4K gives you one place for all your entertainment so you can enjoy your movies and shows, live or streaming, on one screen. And we’ll keep adding more and more ways to make your experience better and easier.




We’ll add more soon! Be sure to check out the TiVo Stream 4K – available now, and browse the TiVo Stream 4K FAQs main page.




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