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Beyond the streaming services and apps you subscribe to, there’s a whole world of free TV, right there on your TiVo Stream 4K or your TiVo DVR.

And we really do mean a world of programming. If you have a TiVo, you already have over 140 channels with tens of thousands of hours of free entertainment to choose from, starting this month.

This month alone, we’ve added over 70 new Pluto TV channels and introducing a bunch of new programming to the always-growing library of free channels TiVo+ has to offer – from big-name networks to niche interest channels. And on TiVo Stream 4K, we’re also introducing Locast to all the markets that Locast is currently available*, giving you access to your local channels. Free. 


You Already Have Over 140 Channels with Thousands of Hours of Free Entertainment


TiVo+: Both TiVo Stream 4K and TiVo DVRs have TiVo+, a collection of ever-growing, free channels. Here’s how you find it:

And for TiVo Stream 4K users…

Pluto TV: We are also excited to announce that the streaming app Pluto TV is now fully integrated into the TiVo Stream 4K experience. That means you can find a ton of new, on-demand channels in your TiVo experience right alongside the rest of your entertainment, without having to switch from app to app! 

Tubi: And let’s not forget Tubi TV, which also gives you programming through your TiVo Stream 4K experience completely for free. 

You can add them to your streaming services on TiVo Stream 4K, here:

Locast: On top of all that, we’ve added Locast wherever it’s available! This means you have access to local news, local network tv like NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX, and more, for free, with your TiVo Stream 4K.

So, Pluto TV + Tubi TV + Locast + TiVo+ =  countless hours of quality entertainment, all for free. We’ll walk you through it.


Free News Channels

More original news programming: This month, TiVo+ takes its number of free news channels to 13, with great news stations like NBC News, CNN, and more to our already awesome list of free streaming news services on TiVo+. You can find it on both TiVo Stream 4K and TiVo DVRs.

More local news: And with Locast on TiVo Stream 4K, you can watch all of your local news without a cable subscription.

More national news: Add that to free news channels like FOX news on Tubi (TiVo Stream 4K) and shows like Meet the Press or NBC News Now on Pluto TV (TiVo Stream 4K), and you’ll have enough around-the-clock live news to satisfy any news junkie.

Here Are All the Latest Free News Channels


Free Sports

Variety: Is MMA your thing? How about the World Poker Tour? From 24/7 PGA Tour coverage to Fox Sports, we’ve got enough to make you fall in love with sports all over again. 

So check out the 13 free sports channels on TiVo+ (on both TiVo Stream 4K and TiVo DVRs), including beIN Sports Network, with all the soccer you can ask for… including international games and the new La Liga season starting up in September!

All the teams: On top of that, Your TiVo Stream 4K brings all this content together with content like the NFL Channel, Fox Sports and MLS from Tubi and Pluto TV,  and games from your favorite local team, with Locast. All for free.

All the Free Sports Channels



Free Music Video Channels

Introducing Loop (on both TiVo Stream 4K and TiVo DVRs): Whether you like music in the background, or music videos or a streaming concert are the main event, TiVo is rolling out 18 new and exciting Loop Music Video channels to get you in the mood*. This is on top of all the great music channels TiVo+ already has to offer!

From Yacht Rock, to Hip Hop Bangers, to Bedroom Beats (hey, go and see for yourself what that’s all about), TiVo+ has the right music to help set the vibe.

*Now available on all TiVo DVR devices with Linux operating systems.

All the Free Music Channels


Thousands of Hours of Free TV

TiVo Stream 4K brings all of the best, free TV together in one experience. 

Local programming: With Locast (TiVo Stream 4K) you can watch all of your local programming on NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC for free.  

National networks: With Tubi (TiVo Stream 4K)  and Pluto TV (Both TiVo DVRs and TiVo Stream 4K), you’ll have access to all the best national television programming available today. 

Original channels (Both TiVo DVRs and TiVo Stream 4K): And if that’s not enough, TiVo+ has just added 25 new channels that bring you all kinds of television entertainment – from Star Trek, to BET, to VH1, to dozens more top shows and channels.

More on Free TV


Movies for Days (Maybe Even Months)

16. That’s the number of free movie channels you’ll get on TiVo+ starting this month on both TiVo DVRs and TiVo Stream 4K. We’re also adding Pluto TV on demand to TiVo Stream 4K, that gives you the latest films alongside the best classic movies, all for free.

So whether its family flicks, Black cinema, westerns, comedy, horror, romance, documentaries or action… you’ll have enough blockbusters and hard-to-find films to not miss the days you paid for movies.

More on Free Movies


Free Spanish-Language Entertainment

¿Te gusta la televisión latina? ¿O quieres practicar tu español? TiVo tiene muchos programas en español para todos, incluidas telenovelas, música latida y mucho más. Aquí están todos los canales disponibles o próximamente:

Aprender Más


Free, Spooky Movies to Gear up for Halloween!

We’ve put together a collection of scary movies to get you ready for Halloween! And this time, it features films from Tubi, a new app featuring free movies and TV that we’ve newly integrated into TiVo Stream 4K. So get watching some free~ky flicks!

Check It Out


Did We Mention Free Local TV?

We’ve added local TV to TiVo Stream 4K wherever Locast is available!* If you are in one of the locations listed at the bottom of this blog post, you’ll be able to watch your local Broadcast TV for free. You’ll have access to local news, local network tv like NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX, and more, for free, with your TiVo Stream 4K.


And Much, Much More Free Entertainment.

We did our best, but we couldn’t fit all the thousands of hours of free entertainment into this blog post. Tune in on your TiVo Stream 4K or your TiVo DVR and find something new, and free to watch! And then tell us your newest free discovery using the hashtag #FreeTVSeptember on social media. We look forward to seeing what you find, watch, and enjoy!



Locast Markets: SF, LA, PHX, SEA, DEN, NYC, PHIL, BLT, BOS, DC, MIA, Minneapolis,WPB, TAM, ATL, HOU, DAL, CHIC, MSP, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Sioux City.



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