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Use SkipMode™ Skip to the end of a commercial break and resume watching tv shows instantly – without lifting a finger. This feature is available on: Any TiVo DVR using the new TiVo experience Any TiVo Mini (connected to a TiVo DVR using the new TiVo experience)

Skip to the end of a commercial break and resume watching instantly with SkipMode. And when you set SkipMode to Automatic in Settings, you don’t have to lift a finger. To choose your SkipMode setting, go to Settings > User Preferences.

A few minutes after a show if finished recording, you’ll see a SKIP icon next to the title in My Shows. That means it’s ready for skipping! Choose a recorded show with the SKIP icon visible.

If SkipMode is set to Automatic, as a show segment ends and a commercial break starts, you’ll see an on-screen tip telling you that SkipMode is in progress. If SkipMode is set to Manual, look for the on-screen tip, and press the SKIP button or D button on your tivo remote.

Voilà! You’re at the beginning of the next segment, without a commercial in sight.

At any time during the show, CHANNEL UP takes you to the next show segment. For instance, want to skip the judging on your favorite reality show competition? Just press SKIP or D when the judging starts. You’ll skip past the judging and though the next commercial break. Your show will start playing at the beginning of the next segment.

To skip back to the beginning of a previous show segment, press CHANNEL DOWN.

Note: The SkipMode feature is available only on certain recorded shows; we hope to make it available for the most popular shows on the most popular channels watched by TiVo subscribers. That means you’ll find SkipMode availability on many shows that you record between 4:30 p.m. and midnight (or 12:30 a.m. on major networks) on the most widely-watched channels.


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