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The future of high-definition is here – and it’s called 4K Ultra HD.

With four times the resolution of HD, 4K UHD images are crisper and clearer, and now, 4K UHD technology is supported by the all-new TiVo BOLT.

You might be thinking, “If most of the movies and TV shows I enjoy are currently in HD, what would I get out of 4K UHD?” Thankfully, shows or movies don’t have to be 4K to look amazing with UHD TV. The technology improves current HD signals by upscaling them, letting you see more of the picture by reducing space between pixels.

Thanks to the increase in pixels, 4K UHD opens doors to experience content at a higher level, giving you a higher resolution than ever before.

But how much content is actually 4K UHD? Is this another fad like 3D? Unlike other emerging display technologies of the past, 4K UHD doesn’t require third-party hardware or accessories, and it’s backed by the UHD Alliance. Heavy hitters in entertainment content creation and distribution have joined forces to create unified criteria for 4K UHD, which means this emerging standard has more staying power than 3D, or even standard HD. Some heavy hitters include Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Disney, Fox, Warner Bros., Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Dolby, Technicolor, and of course, the all-new TiVo BOLT..

Should you dive into the Ultra HD TV pool? If you want larger, clearer images and a brand new, cutting-edge experience, then absolutely.


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