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Introducing TiVo BOLT VOX, TiVo Mini VOX and the TiVo VOX Remote

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new TiVo BOLT VOX™, TiVo Mini VOX™ and the TiVo VOX™ Remote, coming to stores and online retailers this weekend. Combined with TiVo’s latest on-screen experience, BOLT VOX builds upon the TiVo features you know and love by adding entertainment-centric voice control and hyper-personalized recommendations, so you get to your favorites faster.

With the TiVo VOX Remote, you can use your voice to simultaneously search across live TV, your recordings, video-on-demand and various online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, VUDU, Amazon Video and more. Forget painful letter by letter search queries – simply press the blue voice button and speak to search.

In addition to voice search, you can request entertainment suggestions. Simply ask, “What’s on TV tonight?” or “What should I watch this morning?” to see personalized entertainment recommendations based on your viewing habits. TiVo BOLT VOX also uses predictions to connect you to what you are most likely to watch at a specific time of day and day of week and highlights these offerings in the SmartBar™. BOLT VOX will learn if you prefer to watch local news on weekday mornings or action movies on Friday evenings, making it even easier to find your favorite content quickly. Popular TiVo features like SkipMode™ and OnePass™ have also been enhanced to work with voice control.

TiVo Voice is incredibly conversational, so you can say things like, “Show me movies with Tom Cruise,” then refine the query by saying, “Only the comedies” or “The one where he says, ‘Show me the money’.”  TiVo BOLT VOX knows your favorite movie quotes, so you can tell it to “Go ahead, make my day!” and it will serve up Sudden Impact, along with content sources, outlining where the movie is available.

In addition to Voice, TiVo BOLT VOX features the latest on-screen user experience, combining visually rich design elements and enhanced usability with spot-on programing predictions influenced by your personal viewing habits.

Key features of TiVo BOLT VOX include:

  • The New Experience, our redesigned UI with visual cues and greater usability
  • A voice-controlled remote allowing you to control your TV experience with your voice
  • Spot-on predictions that connect you to what you’re most likely to watch at any time
  • Personalized recommendations that serve up content based on previous viewing patterns
  • Four integrated tuners, allowing viewers to watch or record up to 75 HD hours (500GB model), or 150 HD hours (1TB model) of digital cable or over-the-air (antenna) TV
  • A 450-hour (3TB) version with six integrated tuners, available for digital cable systems
  • Ability to expand their voice-powered 4K Ultra HD experience to additional rooms without needing to pay additional fees with the TiVo Mini VOX

Pricing and Availability

The TiVo BOLT VOX is available in black and is priced starting at $199.99* for the 500GB model. The TiVo Mini VOX is available for $179.99.

Existing BOLT or Roamio users can upgrade to the new experience with the purchase of a TiVo VOX Remote**. The VOX Remote for BOLT is available in either black or white and is priced at $39.99. The VOX Remote for Roamio products (OTA DVR, Pro and Plus) and first-generation TiVo Mini is available in black, includes a separate Bluetooth adapter, and is priced at $44.99.

All new products will be available for purchase online and in stores this Sunday, October 29.


*Plus any applicable taxes. In addition, a TiVo service plan is required and priced separately. Third-party streaming services may charge separate fees or require subscriptions to access the services content.
**Upgrade to the latest TiVo experience is required for existing customers to access voice services. Access to this upgrade is included as part of the customer’s TiVo service plan (sold separately).

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