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Amazon Fire TV users rejoice! If you have a TiVo Stream, TiVo Roamio Plus or Pro, or TiVo’s new BOLT, install the TiVo® application on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and you can watch your TiVo DVR recordings on any TV in home or remotely1.

So what can the TiVo application do on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick? The application allows you to select which DVR to play from, set up streaming to the app and to control your playback experience. You can continue playing from where you’ve left off on the main DVR or jump forward or backward within a recording. Here’s how the TiVo application works with your Amazon Fire TV remote:

Amazon Fire TV blog image 2

Finally, Amazon Fire TV users that also own a TiVo2 can watch their favorite shows wherever they go. Want to get started today? Simply search for “TiVo” from your Fire TV, download and install the TiVo application and start watching your favorite content!

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1 Remote access to DVR shows not yet available for TiVo BOLT users.

2 This application is only supported for users that have a TiVo Stream, TiVo Roamio Plus or Pro or a TiVo BOLT on their account with a compatible DVR (Series 4 or higher).





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