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Welcome to our celebration of 25 years of TiVo – where time flies as effortlessly as your favorite shows find their way to your screen. TiVo DVR emerged from the assembly line, and since then, it’s been a journey filled with unforgettable moments in entertainment history. We have helped millions of families experience the wonder of entertainment – and shared great moments in their lives. As we mark this milestone anniversary, let’s embark on a journey down memory lane, reflecting on the incredible evolution of TiVo and hearing from those who have made this exhilarating ride so special. Here’s to 25 years of entertainment innovation and the countless stories yet to unfold.

Founded by tech visionaries Jim Barton and Mike Ramsay, TiVo (originally called “TeleWorld”) introduced the first Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allowing users to record, pause Live TV and fast forward. Later the founders settled on the name TiVo and from the beginning it changed TV viewing forever. TiVo’s DVR played a pivotal role in entertainment history by fundamentally changing how people interacted with television content, offering greater flexibility, control, and personalization than ever before. TiVo’s DVR transformed television viewing by enabling time-shifting, letting users record and watch programs at their convenience. It also introduced features like pausing and rewinding live TV, as well as skipping commercials, revolutionizing the viewing experience. Additionally, TiVo’s advanced content discovery and recommendation algorithms personalized the entertainment journey, setting a new standard for personalized TV consumption.

Lindsey S. in Arizona told us: “My first TiVo was a combination unit with a VHS player. It boggled my mind how you could pause and rewind live TV. Many upgrades later, every TV is either connected to a TiVo box or mini. Apparently, I became a TiVo addict and have loved every minute of it.”

In the 2000s, TiVo kept the innovation flowing with exciting new features designed to make your TV experience even better. They introduced cool stuff like multi-room viewing, so you could catch your favorite shows from any room in the house. Plus, they brought in personalized recommendations, making it easier than ever to discover new must-watch shows tailored just for you.

But they didn’t stop there! TiVo went global with international video metadata, ensuring you could find great content from around the world. And let’s not forget about Conversational User Interfaces – fancy lingo for making your TiVo experience more natural and easy by talking to it like a friend.
And last but definitely not least, there’s the TiVo Stream 4K – where you can access all your favorite streaming apps in one place, bringing endless entertainment to your fingertips. Thanks to these innovations, TiVo became the go-to device for finding and enjoying content on your own schedule.

Jennifer A in Missouri said: “Thank you TiVo for helping me navigate the early days of being a mom 12 years ago when my newborn son had his days and nights flipped. As the rest of the house slept, I watched countless hours of TiVo’d programming including every NCIS, Law & Order, and tons of cooking shows. Having the ability to watch some of my favorite shows was amazing. Thank you!“

Celebrities weren’t immune to the allure of TiVo either; they jumped on board to enjoy their favorite shows on their own terms. From A-list actors to renowned musicians, many found TiVo to be the ultimate companion for staying up-to-date with the latest in entertainment. As TiVo’s popularity soared, it became more than just a household name—it became a staple in virtually all forms of popular media. Whether it was mentioned in TV shows, featured in movies, or discussed in interviews, TiVo had firmly cemented its place in the cultural zeitgeist. Its influence was felt not only in living rooms across the globe but also on the silver screen, on the red carpet, and beyond.

Actor Breckin Meyer once shared with Ellen DeGeneres the key to marital bliss: “his and hers TiVos!” Brad Pitt confessed to Oprah Winfrey that he was a dedicated TiVo user, ensuring he never missed a moment of his favorite shows. Even the iconic Neil Patrick Harris, known for his role in Doogie Howser, admitted to faithfully TiVoing The Price is Right every day.

The TiVo love didn’t stop there. Late-night legend David Letterman revealed to Charlie Sheen his penchant for recording episodes of Two and a Half Men on his TiVo. Conan O’Brien went as far as suggesting a guest’s spouse use TiVo to preserve the episode he was appearing on, highlighting its importance even behind the scenes.

And TiVo’s influence extended beyond celebrity interviews. The brand found its way into hit series such as The King of Queens, Gilmore Girls, The Office, The Simpsons, and Family Guy. Even the notoriously grumpy Larry David featured “The TiVo Guy” episode in his acclaimed series. Clearly, TiVo had become more than just a device—it was a cultural phenomenon deeply ingrained in the fabric of popular media.

Superstar Howard Stern could frequently be heard talking up TiVo on the air, along with his co-host, Robin Quivers.

TiVo was mentioned in issues of Ultimate Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four.

TiVo wasn’t just a hit with viewers; it also caught the attention of Hollywood screenwriters, as evidenced by its numerous mentions in popular films such as War of The Worlds (2005), Blades of Glory, Click, Untraceable, Material Girls, and Happy Endings, and many more. Its presence on the silver screen mirrored its widespread adoption and cultural significance, further solidifying TiVo as an integral part of entertainment history.

Weird Al Yankovic mentioned TiVo in his 2003 hit, “Couch Potato.” TiVo also appeared in the lyrics to “Streets is Watchin” by Lil Wayne, “Ego” by rapper Jay Critch, “Rewind That” by Toni Braxton, “I Wanna Rock” by Snoop Dog, “Rise Above” by Pharrell Williams and “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” by Usher – to name a few! While we love the celebrity shout-outs, we come to work each day to help our subscribers –

Like Kevin K from Illinois who said: “TiVo is my gotta have… I love being able to record my shows and movies and watch in the evenings.”

Rest assured, TiVo isn’t simply resting on its laurels! Every day, we’re hard at work expanding the TiVo universe, ensuring that entertainment is more accessible than ever, whether you’re enjoying it from the comfort of your home or on the go.

TiVo’s User Interface has transcended beyond traditional boundaries, now accessible on smart TVs and even integrated into cars, providing consumers with unparalleled convenience. This expansion not only enhances the entertainment experience but also presents advertisers with a myriad of new opportunities to connect with their audience. As TiVo continues to push the boundaries, it remains at the forefront of shaping the entertainment landscape, with promising hints of more innovations and strategic business connections on the horizon

Tad From Florida said: “I celebrate your 25th anniversary with you, as I have been a loyal user since the beginning, 1999. I remember sharing the experience with my parents who were in their 80’s and how they marveled at the technology. And now, these 25 years later, I am 80 and still love my TiVo.“

That really sums it up, doesn’t it? We do what we do for you, so seeing your comments and how much you value TiVo technology truly warms our hearts. All we can say is thank you – your support drives us to continually create and innovate, ensuring that we remain your trusted companion in finding and enjoying the content you love. Thank you for making TiVo a cherished part of your lives. Here’s to many more years of happy viewing together!


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