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A rag-tag group of friends; a grown-up dilemma; a good old-fashioned treasure hunt; villains, thrills and laughs: TiVo Stream 4K #BackyardMovieNight presents The Goonies.

Thirty-five (!) years ago, Oregon’s oldest town, Astoria (pop. ~9900), and its “Goon Docks” neighborhood served as the backdrop for this comedy directed by Richard Donner, based on a story by executive producer Steven Spielberg. With that, the legend of One-Eyed Willy and the pirate ship Inferno dropped anchor on American pop culture, along with beloved “Goonies,” Mikey and Brandon Walsh, Data, Mouth, Chunk, Andy, Stef – plus the dastardly members of the Fratelli family.

The Goonies has all the inspirational elements to create a perfect family viewing experience – from costume ideas (Hawaiian shirts, pirate accessories) to props (doubloons; anyone have a mini-replica of Michelangelo’s David?) to epic junk-food menu items (pizza, potato chips, ice cream, lots of Baby Ruth candy bars). Also: booty – err, booby traps.

Here’s how to buy, rent or stream it. Be sure to tag us with pix of your Goonies décor, outfits, activities and snacks; tell us your favorite scene – maybe even tweet a haiku review using #GooniesBMN.

Then, keep the fun going with The Goonies reunion episode of Josh Gad’s Reunited Apart on YouTube, and get footloose with a 1980s dance party courtesy of retro radio on Google Play Music.

Raise a glass of Pepsi to the spirit of adventure, and always remember: Goonies. Never. Say. Die.


Join us from June 26 through July 26 for Backyard Movie Night, where we’ll offer movie suggestions, ideas, tips and more for stay-at-home fun.


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