Recently TiVo hosted the second webinar in our EMEA IPTV webinar series that looked at how operators could address new market segments and how the changing landscape of the video service provider space, with a shift from traditional pay TV to diversified content sources like subscription video, FAST, and AVOD is creating new opportunities.

The session kicked off with Tom Morrod from Caretta Research setting the scene with some of their proprietary research before Patrick Ferguson, Head of Global Product & D2C Operations, TiVo Platform and Brent Smith, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Evolution Digital shared their expert opinions with the audience.

Key points in the webinar included:

– Discussion about how the decline in traditional video subscriptions is contrasted with the growth in video traffic on networks, emphasizing the need for video service providers to aggregate content and embrace the evolving segment.

– The importance of a turnkey approach with an independent media platform strategy, operational simplicity, and the re-aggregation of content into a single location for consumer ease.

– The significance of having a comprehensive monetization platform that is accretive to overall return and can leverage a large footprint from Xperi’s activities in the smart TV and automotive markets.

Super aggregation has become a huge buzz term in the industry. There’s a lot of providers that can do pieces of it. But because of the partnerships, because of first of all, the metadata, the search and discovery engine that we have along with critical partnerships, with the global and regional OTT content service providers and SVOD providers as well as our TiVo+ suite of FAST/ AVOD content that we bring to the table.” said Patrick Ferguson. He continued “All that feeds into our search and recommendation engine, which really puts us in a great position. It’s just fundamental and being able to have an engaging experience that reduces churn, bolsters the overall product offering and then ultimately presents a really great opportunity for doing a monetization strategy right within that experience.

Brent Smith added, “It’s now the reality the market is spread across the spectrum with content from all sources and how we address that as an industry is basically what we’re saying is ‘let’s consolidate this into a turnkey platform, put it up in the cloud, eliminate as much of the infrastructure costs that it takes for an operator to launch a video service’.” He continued “That’s really kind of the exciting part bringing this platform to Europe and getting operators excited about video as a way to really help retain and grow their business.

Overall the panelists agreed that video is viable and necessary for operators whatever their size, and TiVo Broadband combined with a hardware solution from partners such as Evolution Digital can provide a turnkey solution that is easy to deploy, takes advantage of TiVo’s leading edge in content discovery and leverages TiVo’s cross platform audience to create now markets and revenue streams.

Watch the full session below:


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