The world of streaming is evolving, and AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand) and FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) services are at the forefront of this revolution. TiVo’s Q4 2023 Video Trends Report reveals eye-opening statistics: consumer usage of AVOD and FAST Services has surged by 33% since Q4 2020. What’s driving this boom?

Once a niche addition to streaming platforms, FAST channels are now indispensable. In fact, 61% of consumers rely on FAST channels for their daily dose of live TV with more than 10% relying on AVOD/FAST content as their sole video source. But it doesn’t stop there, this report unveils how viewers are reshaping their entertainment habits across devices. While the big screen still dominates, smartphones and computers follow behind, highlighting the diverse ways audiences consume content.

Did you know 63% of viewers enjoy their favorite shows away from home? Video streaming is no longer confined to living rooms. A surprising 38% of car owners regularly tune in to video while on the road, proving that AVOD/FAST has truly broken free from traditional viewing constraints.

To learn more about how the TiVo Q4 2023 Video Trends Report analyzes consumer behavior, the latest video trends and more – download the free report now.


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