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Making the transition to a new IPTV solution, or even upgrading your current platform, can be a daunting prospect if you don’t have the right partners on board. With TiVo’s IPTV Platform that journey can be eased. In fact, by taking advantage of TiVo’s turnkey platform, the transition to using an IPTV solution that offers a more flexible and customizable way to access television content is simplified.

Here are 4 ways that TiVo helps you to smoothly make the switch to IPTV while maintaining control over your costs and management complexities.

1. Understanding your current platform:

TiVo’s vast experience in providing TV solutions to cable, telco and broadband companies means we are able to work with you to understand your current platform (if you have one) and advise on how to best make the move to IPTV. Leveraging these skills, we can help you make best use of our turnkey IPTV platform to provide the service your customers are asking for.

2. Using a turnkey solution to provide the features you need:

Both consumer-facing and back-office features are key to building and maintaining a successful IPTV platform. TiVo takes care of both with its turnkey solution. On the consumer-facing side our award-winning TiVo Experience user interface, flexible content bundles and class-leading AI based personalisation give you the confidence that the solution is right for you and your customers. On the Video Plane side our flexible cloud-based CDN and Origin infrastructure, integrations with leading BSS and OSS systems and superior diagnostics and analytics give you the confidence the system will meet your needs.

3. Driving down total cost of ownership:

Controlling cost is key for every business. In the world of IPTV this is crucially important because there is more competition than ever before for the end customer’s entertainment spend. TiVo’s approach to providing a turnkey cloud-based platform allows you to lessen the complexity of your IPTV delivery, benefit from shared resources built on robust industry standard cloud platforms, and the benefit of a shared development roadmap that brings core functionality to market at an accelerated rate.

4. Making sure you’re ready for the future:

Given the investment you will be making to bring IPTV to your customers, it is crucial you have a vendor and platform that act as a true partner who is committed to keeping you ahead of the game. As new developments come to market, TiVo’s breadth of experience across connected media ecosystems from IPTV to smart TV to automotive helps keep your platform one step ahead – be it FAST, AVOD or the next big thing – TiVo has it covered.

In conclusion, making the transition to IPTV using TiVo’s platform is a seamless process that keeps you in the driver’s seat. TiVo helps you to create a TV-watching experience that suits your customers irrespective of how they want to access your service.

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