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TiVo was a part of a successful campaign where Discovery Channel saw the strongest Shark Week ratings in three years and year-over-year growth every night for the first time in Shark Week history.

As traditional norms evolve and new technologies emerge, brands and agencies alike must remain open to trying new tactics and draw inspiration from successful campaigns around them.

In today’s landscape, a blend of linear, digital and social advertising has become increasingly prevalent. Yet, the key lies not just in embracing this multi-platform approach, but in understanding where one’s audience resides and how best to engage them. While each campaign is unique, there are valuable lessons to be gleaned from those that effectively chart this new course.

A prime example of this adaptive approach comes from Warner Bros. Discovery’s handling of the iconic Shark Week programming amidst the challenges posed by the Hollywood strikes. Faced with the need to drum up excitement for the show during a period of scripted content hiatus, the team seized the opportunity to launch a comprehensive, week-long promotional campaign across multiple platforms.




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