As the number of available content sources reaches a plateau, consumers are increasingly prioritizing cost-conscious decisions. We’ve observed a notable trend: from reevaluating their budgets and scaling back video expenditures to scrutinizing paid services, consumer behavior reflects a strategic response to prevailing economic uncertainties and mounting frustrations with content discovery.

In the latest Video Trends Report, we’re seeing these warning signs across the board. For example, in 2021, the average consumer utilized only 2 non-paid video sources and 7 paid video sources. Today, the number of non-paid sources has more than doubled while the number of paid sources has remained relatively consistent.

Discover the driving forces behind this and other insights that reveal a year-over-year decline in average total services, coupled with a striking revelation: 20% of respondents admit to an overload of services.

The TiVo Q4 2023 Video Trends Report takes a deep dive into consumer opinions on these and other indicators, based on surveys from approximately 4,500 viewers in the U.S. and Canada. The biannual publication is available now.

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