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Back at the end of January, the TiVo team were in London for the annual OTT Question Time Live conference organised by VOD Professional. This event brings together key OTT Industry Leaders to talk about their streaming products, commercial and monetisation strategies, technologies, innovations and solutions (in-house and external).  This year it was standing room only as the organisers gathered 220 attendees – a great number given the venue only sat 142!

It was a great conference for TiVo where we were able to not only join two speaking sessions and present our vision and experience but also meet inspiring people, have valuable discussions, and hear lots of new interesting information.

Our first speaking session Monetising your platform – lessons learned from TiVo featured our Lisette Preston-Barnes Business Development Director for Monetisation and Data Optimisation, EMEA & ANZ, TiVo and Patrick Byrden, VP Business Development and Strategy, in conversation with Joanna Burton, Industry Advisor. Lisette and Patrick shared insights from their experiences of helping operators, content providers, TV OEMs and brands create new revenue streams from their platforms and products. Giving their different perspectives and providing real examples of deployments, they talked about how operators can utilise their platforms to both drive incremental revenue and also improve the customer experience at the same time.

“A content first and user experience first approach will create the engagement that is needed to be able to drive audiences, and then eyeballs turn into impressions and then marketers win because they are advertising in the right space” said Lisette.

At the end of the session the speakers also addressed the future platforms topic where TiVo, a part of Xperi is present in other areas like Smart TV with our relationships with Sharp and Vestel, and Automotive through our partnership with BMW.

From a UI and our business perspective our goal is to have standardised UI across different devices across those three different zones (TV, car, STB), the more units that we can add all of that into a single pool and we can monetise on that population which gives us better outreach, better relationships with content owners, and better value for OEM partners.” Patrick continued “the more footprint we have, the more influence we have and the more possibility that we can work with advertisers”.

You can watch video recording of the Monetising Your Platform session here:


Our second speaking session was a panel with Xperi’s Gereon Joachim, VP, Automotive Sales & Strategy  and other industry experts: Linette Zaulich from ZDF Studios, Oliver Taprogge from Off the Fence, and  Ralph Wagner from Axinom where they discussed “The OTT Scene in Germany”. This session was moderated by Marion Ranchet. The panellists talked about how Germany, the second biggest market in Europe, is different from the other European countries. They highlighted that it is very fragmented but, at the same time, people are loyal to brands, and that localisation plays very important part when it comes to TV content.

Gereon shared his insights about how our media platforms are supporting German OTT, Pay-TV and Automotive companies to deliver solutions for their customers.  “We have launched TiVo OS which is rolling out on Vestel TVs, we have taken this platform and we have put it into cars. That is our video service powered by TiVo which is rolling out in BMWs and in Minis shortly.” He continued “cars developed into 3rd space where you feel safe, the home is 1st space, the work is 2nd, car is going to be the 3rd space where all the tech comes together”. Gereon expressed his opinion that German market has “a lot of innovation that is happening maybe not necessary at home but definitely in the car”.

Gereon had good feelings about TiVo OS as another operating sytem entering the competitive German market “we are an independent media platform and I think that it is key element of it, we are not Google, we are not Amazon, and that is one of the key differentiators, and we also have our content first presentation, we put the content in the centre, you pick the content and the second step is where do you play the content from, and that is the key element because you don’t want to select the platform, you are really interested in the content”.

You can watch video recording of The OTT Scene in Germany panel here:


It was real pleasure to be part of OTT Question Time Live in 2024 and we can’t wait to next year’s edition.

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Monetising your platform session with Lisette Preston- Barnes and Patrick Byrden

OTT Scene in Germany panel with Gereon Joachim

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