Along with our partners at Evolution Digital we recently attended the Next Giga Connect Event in London. Billed as bringing the telecom and broadband industries together, the room was full of executives from the fibre and broadband community across Europe.

The day saw many interesting discussions from the latest developments with FTTH though to how to make the ecosystem greener.

Our European General Manager, Gabriel Cosgrave was joined on stage by Brent Smith, Chief Strategy Officer of our hardware partner Evolution Digital to present a case study on Creating a Sustainable Video Solution for Broadband Customers.

Gabriel and Brent spent 20 mins speaking with moderator and freelance journalist Georgia Lewis, sharing their expertise around how you can provide a video solution for broadband customers that can help to create new revenue streams and drive increased customer loyalty.

When talking about TiVo Broadband Gabriel stated “… it is a chance for operators to lift their brand and offer bundling as well, and be associated with that bundle of TV and broadband which in our experience, and in our data, reduces churn rates quite significantly.

While Brent told the audience “This is a cloud based solution, TiVo has basically stripped almost all of the additional infrastructure costs to launch video and put it in the cloud and that has dramatically changed the economics, the time to market, the flexibility and the ability for you now, if it’s all IP, to have choice in content, choice in devices, as opposed to the proprietary platforms which have historically been a challenge for big operators.

Aside from the focus on TiVo Broadband™️ and our TiVo IPTV Platform, the team was also able to show the latest developments on TiVo OS with a Bush Smart TV Powered by TiVo that is available to purchase at retail in the UK.

Watch video recording of our session here:

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