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TiVo: Take Control of Television’s Transformation with the personalization of linear TV data from Cynopsis Media on Vimeo.

It’s no secret—television is evolving. Between digital’s disruption, streaming stacks, and the emergence of more sophisticated tools, audiences are more connected than ever before. But with greater connectivity comes greater challenges, and all of this change is accelerating audience fragmentation across the myriad of media channels, devices, and suppliers. At the center of connectivity remains the importance of linear TV audiences to capitalize on churn into personalized re-targeting capabilities.

  • Use first-party, deterministic TV data to understand viewership behavior
  • Leverage identity resolution to bridge the gap between TV and digital
  • Activate digital campaigns against linear audiences to drive incremental reach and frequency across channels


  • Fariba Zamaniyan – TiVo – VP, Data & Monetization Sales
  • David Finkelstein – BDEX – CEO & Co-founder

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