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Earlier this year, I had the privilege of speaking at the Android TV Workshop, which was held at the Connected TV World Summit in London.

Here are my five top takeaways from the event:

1. Universal content discovery is key.

TiVo has done multiple studies whose results underscore the importance of universal search and  discovery – allowing viewers to search seamlessly over live, streamed and recorded content. A personalized content discovery platform that works across these sources will provide a powerful solution for consumers.

2. Google addressed three popular misconceptions about Android TV in the operator space:

    – Control. While apps from the Google Play store are available, the side-loading of apps can be  blocked, giving operators control over what’s on their devices.

    – Data. Operators own the data in their apps and Google isn’t collecting, viewing or accessing any of that data.

    – Flexibility. Operators can continue to use their own UX design, search, recommendations, billing and advertising platforms.

3. Not only is Google making huge investments in Google Assistant, the company is also opening it up to integration, allowing operators on Android TV to tap into the innovation, but retain necessary control.

4. Emerging new areas of opportunity include dynamic ad insertion over linear and on-demand sources (i.e., pre/mid/post-roll formats)

5. Global operators highlighted vastly varied market requirements, business challenges and customer needs. TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform – along with Android TV’s flexibility – offers a suite of products for the Android TV experience designed to address those varied requirements. Operators can work with TiVo to provide the award-winning TiVo Experience 4, plus best-in-class features such as Personalized Content Discovery, Conversation, metadata and more. Additionally,

– TiVo’s CubiTV™ solutions help operators get to market quickly and begin their journey with Android TV. It’s a modular product which enables operators to add features like personalization as they grow.

– TiVo® solutions for Android TV™ is cloud-powered and includes hyper-personalization, conversational voice and continuous innovation to help operators enhance the value of the Android TV experience.

Watch the video below.

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