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Voice search can dramatically simplify how people find, watch and enjoy the content they love. In the super-aggregated world, brands like Vodafone leverage conversational voice search to improve the experience while expanding their customers’ entertainment horizons, driving engagement and satisfaction.

In this insightful discussion from Nextv Series Europe & CEE, Patrick Byrden, Head of Sales Engineering, TiVo, and Miguel Rodrigues, Group Head of TV Product, Vodafone, join host Thibault Giry, Market Analyst, Dataxis to discuss how conversational voice search is changing how people interact with their TV service. And, they explore their collaboration on bringing the solution to market in Europe.

Powered by natural-language understanding technology and machine-learning, TiVo’s voice command and control capabilities allow for conversational dialogue to find and watch entertainment, significantly simplifying discovery. The technology interprets everyday language and personalizes results based on viewing history, time of day, day of the week and what’s trending.

Watch now and find out how voice search can help you stay ahead of the game.




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