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TiVo recently released a white paper based on findings from the Q3 2018 consumer survey conducted by Ampere Analysis. Comprising 26,000 individual respondents and covering 12 mature global markets, the survey analyzed pay-TV, SVOD and voice control device usage. Navigating Content Chaos: A Roadmap for Pay-TV Operators presents survey results and makes the case for better serving consumers with next-gen user experiences to compete in the OTT world.

Some key points covered in the white paper include:

  • “Content chaos” due to an overabundance of programming will become more extreme as the number of digital channels increases, SVOD providers extend content catalogs and consumers continue to subscribe to multiple streaming services
  • Despite this, viewers will still expect to find content easily and seamlessly between providers and platforms
  • To satisfy consumer expectations and needs, operators must act as “super-aggregators” for TV and streaming services, with simple yet compelling content-agnostic navigation and personalized recommendations using the latest available technology enhancements

For maximum impact and retention of high-value consumers, operators will need to provide these viewers with the best possible integrated, user-centric navigation tools.

For further exploration of these findings and a complete analysis of all survey results, download the white paper.

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