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TiVo recently sponsored a webinar about the opportunities and challenges of embracing Android TVTM and BYOD (“bring your own device”) strategies. During the interactive session, Stuart Thomson, editor of Digital TV Europe, and experts from TiVo participated in a panel-style discussion to share valuable perspectives, including findings from the Digital TV Europe (DTVE) 2019 Industry Survey and the principal choices facing pay-TV operators today.

Key questions covered include:

  • What are some of the reasons for the change in attitude from apprehension about adopting Android TV to its widespread acceptance in just a few years?
  • What does it take for an operator to fully embrace Android TV and what are the associated opportunities and challenges?
  • What makes a best-in-class UX and in what ways can the Android TV experience be refined and improved?
  • How can Android TV address the wide spectrum of operator requirements?
  • Is Android TV the only game in town for operators looking to combine pay-TV and over-the-top (OTT) platforms? What are the expectations for how this market will develop?

For insight on these questions and more, listen to the webinar now.

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