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TiVo revolutionizes the way consumers enjoy and watch TV, with best-in-class technologies for millions of people around the world. Launching this Spring, TiVo OS is an independent media platform that delivers all the benefits of Smart TVs to consumers and TV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) without the limits imposed by other Smart TV OS makers.

The global smart TV market is growing, and for OEMs, building and selling Smart TVs is a top priority. Smart TVs need partners to deliver streaming options, and leading companies offer great Smart TV platforms and content option lineups to OEMs. Consumers want their content to be more easily discoverable, but to deliver that, OEMs need to circumvent the “walled garden” approach. Learn more to discover how “walled gardens” are impacting the consumer experience and what OEMs can do to deliver a better, more consumer-focused Smart TV.


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