By Chris Ambrozic, VP/GM, TiVo Discovery Solutions

Free services, subscription services, streaming devices, video on demand, new and legacy channels … as you know, there’s way more content available than any of us could possibly consume in just one lifetime.

Considering this overabundance of options – and so much quality! – competing for subscriber attention in this ruthless environment, how can providers not only attract, but retain and delight their viewers?

The key is personalization. Namely, implementing all the necessary elements of a superior Personalized Content Discovery (PCD) platform, including:

  • Premium, relevant metadata
  • Deep AI learning for responding to and engaging with a variety of consumption behaviors
  • Intelligent search and personalized recommendations
  • Engaging voice and conversation applications
  • Churn prediction capabilities
  • Actionable analytics

Some caveats:

Metadata can make or break a service. It’s the difference between, say, getting served recommendations for Ted Lasso vs. Killing Eve after a Fleabag binge. Not that there’s anything wrong with either title, but one demonstrates refined genre differentiation, which is crucial for accurately understanding, filtering and delivering what viewers actually want to watch.

All churn tools are not created equally. While churn prediction tools have become more widespread, they’re most effective when paired with actionable insights. For example, it’s not enough to know that subscribers don’t watch TV on weekends and are therefore more likely to churn on those days. When paired with suggestions for how to best address the intelligence (e.g., serve up recommendations for weekend viewing when subscribers are most receptive), that learning is integral to reducing churn.

Why TiVo?

TiVo has long been an innovator in the PCD space. We were first to market with churn prediction intelligence and are currently the only global company offering a full suite of personalization tools. TiVo Discovery Solutions delivers:

  • Holistic personalization to deliver the right discovery for people at the right time, on the right day, on the right device
  • Engaging voice to drive a whole new level of “wow” features that keep customers coming back for more
  • The most comprehensive analytics solution for customer engagement understanding
  • A unique perspective on driving engagement when viewers are most receptive
  • All on the back of deep metadata

And, ultimately, we can help you prevail in the war for eyeballs.

Want to learn more? Explore TiVo Discovery Solutions.


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