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The classic TV advertising paradigm prioritized linear viewership and businesses. But, as “TV” evolved to be multi-screen, multi-device digital programming consumed when, where and how viewers see fit, the advertising had to become more sophisticated.

With our deep legacy of changing the way viewers find, watch and enjoy programming, TiVo is always innovating to meet the challenges of engaging and delighting viewers. And, when it comes to our entertainment, brand and data customers, we aim to deliver effective advertising solutions.

About TiVo Xtend

TiVo Xtend™ is our end-to-end advertising suite, built on the industry’s most representative first-party, device-level viewership data. It enables our partners to reach key audiences and demographics when they’re most receptive – to amplify messaging across regions, screens and devices.

With the TiVo Xtend, we deliver:

  • Multi-sourced data without device, audience or regional bias
  • Customized audiences for better targeting
  • A device-agnostic CTV footprint
  • Dynamic, relevant clickable ads in the user experience
  • The ability to extend the reach of existing linear and CTV campaigns

Data, Data, Data

TiVo data is representative of U.S. TV viewing, sourced from traditional QAM-based set-top boxes from multiple cable operators across the country and from every Designated Market Area (DMA) – including live and time-shifted viewing. We’re always adding new sources to our sample. Since launching an IPTV user experience, we’ve also been collecting data from IPTV-delivered video.

Extending the Reach of Advertising Campaigns

With TiVo Xtend, we’ve assembled a suite of assets to maximize incremental reach on CTV and drive incremental tune-in on linear TV, bridging the effectiveness of legacy TV and CTV advertising.

Our marketer-first orientation provides transparency on how data is targeted, where campaigns run and how we conduct our measurement.

Continuous Optimization

We’re committed to investing in ongoing improvements for measuring the incremental reach of CTV campaigns based on linear exposure to advertising. The ability to quickly determine the households that haven’t been exposed to linear TV campaigns translates to increased opportunity to maximize audience reach.

Working With TiVo

We consult with our clients on audience targeting strategies and collaborate on tailored campaigns. The TiVo team manages the campaign execution from end to end – from pacing/delivery to final measurement reporting, including tune-in conversion, sales lift analysis, website visitation, brand perception and incremental reach.

We deliver results. A recent CTV campaign to promote the CBS launch of “Come Dance With Me” drove 25 percent incremental reach to the premier on linear TV and drove tune-in from hard-to-reach linear viewers. The bridging together of audience insights from linear TV and CTV ensures the optimization and effectiveness of TiVo campaigns.



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