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TiVo was a presenting sponsor at Beet Retreat in the City, an invite-only forum for senior-level executives and their peers, produced by Beet.TV.

As a part of the program, TiVo’s SVP of Advanced Media & Advertising, Walt Horstman, sat for a one-on-one interview with Furious Corp CEO, Ashley J. Swartz, to talk about how TiVo uses software and data to drive audience engagement and increase ad inventory value.

According to Walt, “We’re in the golden age of TV, but we’re also in the golden age of TV data.” Thanks to robust viewer insights from TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform, along with set-top box data, content recommendations tailored specifically for viewers drive longer engagement, which, in turn, increases advertising units and monetization.

“It’s all about integrating the effectiveness, the targeting, the measurement and understanding the impact of TV on digital campaigns and vice versa,” Walt said.

Watch the video.

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