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FanAI and TiVo signed an agreement for FanAI to license TiVo’s TV viewership data enabling FanAI to provide live sports programming advertisers with spend attribution and brand impact measurement TV data.  Through this relationship, FanAI brand customers will get a granular look at how U.S. households consume sports programming, and develop a deeper understanding of how sponsorships improve consumer perceptions and influence sales.

Sports dominates TV programming, with the NFL grabbing 28 out of the top 100 telecasts of 2020. More than 102 million viewers watched the number one telecast of 2020, the Chiefs vs. 49ers Super Bowl LIVE.

However, according to FanAI, marketing attribution in the sports sponsorship space has historically been a blind spot for advertisers. Without a way to measure the effectiveness of sports sponsorships, brands had no way of knowing if they were making positive returns on investments when sponsoring sports teams. While top of funnel metrics (e.g. media exposure, brand awareness) are helpful brand indicators, they fail to answer the ultimate question on every CMO’s mind: “How did the millions we spent on sponsorships this year impact sales?”

“TV viewership data for live sports is an essential ingredient to attribution measurement,” said Fariba Zamaniyan, vice president, Data and Monetization, Xperi. “We are excited to partner with FanAI by providing the granular, deterministic TV viewing data necessary to help FanAI measure the sales impact of their impression delivery for sports sponsorships. Enabling FanAI to address this blind spot will advance the measurement capabilities within sports, and ultimately drive more effective advertising investments across program genres and platforms among advertisers.”

FanAI integrates proprietary consumer spending data streams with audience data to offer brands the ability to measure, maximize and monetize sports marketing performance. FanAI ingests sports audience data across TV viewers, merchandise and ticket purchasers, and other sources. By licensing TiVo’s TV viewership data, FanAI is able to provide brands with deterministic linear TV viewership data that represents the U.S. population and its viewing behaviors.

Integrating TiVo TV viewership data expands FanAI’s current data set to include another stream of TV information. “This partnership strengthens the foundation of FanAI’s data, which our platform and insights are built on,” said FanAI CEO Johannes Waldstein. “TiVo data integration will assist clients’ needs when evaluating sponsorships, with TiVo’s substantial audience reinforcing FanAI’s data set to enhance the accuracy of its predictions.”

With audience data across multiple media channels matched to retail transaction data, brands can evaluate and optimize activations across each media channel to see which has the greatest incremental impact on retail sales relative to an unexposed group.


FanAI is changing the way brands measure the impact of their sponsorships by proving the retail return on their investments.

While other companies track metrics like media value, awareness and consideration, we demonstrate the exact uplift a partnership has had on your bottom line.

Our ground-breaking technology analyses millions of data points and enables brands to report on their customers’ actual purchase behavior. We deliver meaningful insights which brands can act upon to optimize their investments in sponsorships and advertising.

By combining purchase data with existing data that teams, leagues and other organizations have, we enable our clients to better identify their fans, learn where they spend their money and target where to reach them. Our clients are able to benchmark their performance against unsponsored properties, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their sponsorships and assess them.

Our platform turns data into action and proves whether the level of investment in a sponsorship has truly delivered an uplift on sales.


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