Simulmedia and TiVo Renew Data Licensing Partnership to Continue Powering Viewership Insights for TV+®

TiVo Viewership Data Helps Ensure Industry-Leading Audience Targeting and Reach Across Linear and Streaming Via Simulmedia’s Unique Cross-Channel TV+® Platform

NEW YORK – Simulmedia, the leader in truly cross-channel TV advertising, today announced the renewal of its partnership with TiVo®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation, which will help ensure that Simulmedia’s unique TV+® platform continues to provide marketers with best-in-class audience planning, targeting and activation capabilities across ad-supported channels on both linear and connected TV in the U.S.

Viewership data is more important than ever as advertisers across verticals grapple with the accelerating fragmentation of viewers, impeding their ability to cost-effectively find their high-intent consumers at scale and drive the KPIs that matter most to them.

Simulmedia’s patented TV+ advertising platform solves for fragmentation by giving advertisers seamless access to over 300 million viewers in the U.S. across 120 million households through integrations and partnerships with 250 broadcast, cable and streaming platforms and publishers.

As Simulmedia continues to build the most comprehensive cross-channel data set for planning across linear and connected TV, leveraging TiVo’s robust data on the viewership behavior of millions of anonymized U.S. households as part of the TV+ platform will help advertisers target and activate against their strategic audiences across channels with unparalleled certainty, efficiency and speed.

“Simulmedia’s partnership with TiVo has been a major contributor to the success of our smart, data-driven approach to television advertising for over a decade now,” said Dave Morgan, founder and CEO of Simulmedia. “As the cross-channel TV ecosystem has grown increasingly complex, the demand for reliable data on audience viewing habits is greater than ever. We’re excited to integrate TiVo’s data more deeply into TV+ to help our clients unlock access to the viewership data they need to better inform how TV can help them meet their business objectives.”

“We are excited to extend our long relationship with Simulmedia as it continues to redefine data-driven TV and video advertising to meet the evolving needs of brands, marketers and agencies in an increasingly complex environment,” said Fariba Zamaniyan, vice president, data and advertising, TiVo. “Our TV viewership data will continue to provide Simulmedia with a high-quality data set that will support the creation of representative audiences giving their clients the ability to target advertising with confidence in this complex and evolving media environment.”

With the combination of TiVo with Simulmedia’s other data sets, along with Simulmedia’s patented predictive technology and its direct integrations with over 250 linear and CTV networks and publishers, the TV+ platform delivers a seamless, automated end-to-end solution for truly cross-channel TV advertising. The result is guaranteed reach against highly-engaged audiences without wasteful duplication, everywhere viewers watch or stream television today.

About Simulmedia

Simulmedia is the leader in truly cross-channel TV advertising. With its TV+® platform, the company delivers unparalleled reach, measurement, and results wherever audiences watch or stream. Founded In 2008, Simulmedia pioneered a data-first, digital approach to TV ad placement and optimization that changed TV advertising forever. With TV+, Simulmedia helps advertisers and agencies quickly and effectively reach viewers scattered across both linear television and connected TV at guaranteed scale without wasteful duplication. Simulmedia has planned and executed successful TV campaigns for hundreds of brands, including Experian, WarnerMedia, Zelle, Disney, 1-800-FLOWERS, Monster, Electrolux, Rover, Nordstrom, King’s Hawaiian, and many more. In addition, Simulmedia allows brands to extend their reach and connect with elusive younger audiences via PlayerWON™, the first in-game video advertising platform for free-to-play PC and console titles. For more information, visit and

About TiVo
TiVo brings entertainment together, making it easy to find, watch and enjoy. We serve up the best movies, shows and videos from across live TV, on-demand, streaming services and countless apps, helping people to watch on their terms. For studios, networks and advertisers, TiVo delivers a passionate group of watchers to increase viewership and engagement across all screens. In June 2020, TiVo became a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation. Go to and enjoy watching.

About Xperi Holding Corporation
Xperi invents, develops, and delivers technologies that enable extraordinary experiences. Xperi technologies, delivered via its brands (Adeia, DTS, HD Radio, IMAX Enhanced, TiVo), and by its startup, Perceive, make entertainment more entertaining, and smart devices smarter. Xperi technologies are integrated into billions of consumer devices, media platforms, and semiconductors worldwide, driving increased value for partners, customers and consumers.


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