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In 2020, TiVo and MVPindex (MVP) partnered to expand MVP’s industry-leading social and streaming measurement to include linear broadcast data. After a successful three years, MVP has renewed their partnership to extend through 2024.

By leveraging TiVo’s linear broadcast data, MVP has been able to provide multiple different types of viewership reporting data at both the national and local level, including total viewership, minute-by-minute, and even overlap data. TiVo’s data has provided MVP with a leg up on their competition as many in the industry wait for legacy providers to slowly integrate. With TiVo, MVP has, and continues, to access a cross-section of multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) across the U.S and population tiers to deliver broadcast data. This enables MVP’s clients, brands, agencies, and rights holders, to efficiently analyze performance on a more holistic level – some partners that MVP has serviced include the Dallas Cowboys, Ally Financial and Ford.

“As the industry struggles to navigate a marketplace full of insufficient, unreliable data, TiVo’s TV viewership data has proven to be a consistent, comprehensive, and dependable source for analyzing linear consumption across all domestic markets,” said Brian Foley, MVP Chief Executive, “data quality and reliability is incredibly important for us as we continue to support some of the largest and most strategic global brands, agencies, properties and rightsholders on their mission to usher in a new chapter of data-driven partnerships.”

“MVP is a valued partner of TiVo bringing this new modern era of media valuation to fruition,” said Fariba Zamaniyan, TiVo Vice President of Data and Advertising. “We look forward to continue to support their innovation in multi-channel measurement for the Sports and Entertainment industry with high-quality and dependable linear TV data.”


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