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To accurately plan, buy and measure your advertising with confidence, TV data must reflect the true viewership habits of your target audiences. TiVo TV Data offers the most representative sample of linear viewership in the U.S.

Coverage matters.

Linear TV viewing is fragmented. It’s not just about broadcast versus cable programming. It’s about where you live, which cable provider you subscribe to, and how you consume content.

Unlike other sources, TiVo TV data collection is not limited to a single cable provider, TV manufacturer or geographic region. Our proprietary software powers digital set-top boxes that passively capture return- path data across a comprehensive mix of cable providers and anonymized households spanning the U.S. and population tiers.

TiVo passively collects data at the household level for every connected TV – not just the primary screen. We include the TV in the bedroom, kitchen and even the basement for a full picture of viewing habits within each household.

Though live viewing makes up the majority of linear TV usage, TiVo also captures data on time-shifted and recorded programming, so you won’t miss viewership or impressions to effectively measure your investment performance.



Choose your access.

TiVo TV Viewership Data is easily accessible. Select the method that aligns with your use case and budget.


Data Feed – maximum flexibility
At the most granular level, our data can be accessed for all program viewership sessions in the past 24 hours. The data feed is pushed to your Amazon Web Services location on a daily basis for anonymized, household-level reporting to customize your cross-platform use case. You can also receive a one-time batch delivery for historical periods within the most recent 24 months. Whether building audiences for media planning or measuring tune-in behavior or attribution, the raw data feed maximizes flexibility for ingestion within your unique data ecosystem.



Audiences Exposed and Unexposed – focus on measurement
If your use case is specific to multi-touch attribution measurement for your advertising, TiVo TV data can be accessed directly through a self-service API to isolate households exposed and not exposed to your national and local advertising. Gain rich details on where, how
and when audiences were exposed with reporting by DMA or zip code plus information on network, program and timestamp for spot-level airings of your campaigns, as well as those of competitors.



Audiences for Automated Activation – retarget advertising, fast
Through our partnership with a data exchange platform, we have pre-built audiences of deterministic TV viewership to support your targeted digital advertising initiatives. Choose from a taxonomy of over 50 segments ready for access and activation with your trusted platform.Want to create your own audiences? No problem. Select from a list of available fields to build and take action against your custom needs.Request the complete list to activate your campaign today.


Contact TiVo today to learn more. Free data samples are also available for your evaluation.

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