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By: Briana Larsen

In today’s entertainment landscape, content is king with an ever-evolving focus on providing the most popular and most relevant video content to consumers. TV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to have a wide range of video content providers available. From global tier one providers, like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video, to global ad supported services like Pluto TV, to local content heroes, inclusive of broadcast and over-the-top (OTT) providers. It’s important to have this variety so all viewers can access content that’s interesting and relevant to them.

As smarts TVs are developed to be region-specific, it’s especially crucial to have local content providers. Across states, regions and countries, there are differences among content consumption and preferences. For example, a Millennial viewer in a major US city will be more interested in the latest streaming hits whereas a family in Argentina may rely on access to their local broadcast stations to watch their favorite teams battle it out on the soccer field.

It can be difficult for smart TVs to be everything to everyone, so it’s essential for these devices to rely on partners and build relationships that can help deliver on this content need. Content is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle for smart TV OEMs and then once it is all there consumers need a better experience for finding what they want to watch.

The Perfect Mix of Content

It’s a daunting task to provide the perfect mix of local and global content across multiple regions. And contrary to what some may think, local content remains vital for consumers, with 59% of respondents in the Q2 2023 Video Trends Report (NAM) noting that it is somewhat or very important. In the US and Canada, 22.6% of all time spent watching video is spent watching local content which is significant given the other media services in play.

To help bring this perfect mix of content to consumers, that’s where the OS provider – like TiVo OS – comes into play. TiVo and other OS providers play a pivotal role in building content partnerships that scale across OEMs and platforms. We partner with the top local content providers in every region to ensure we have the right mix of content for consumers. Because even if a smart TV has the big global players, without the local content, consumers will feel unfulfilled with their entertainment experience.

Delivering this mix of content is something TiVo has been doing for decades, with long-standing expertise in creating a comprehensive content offering for Pay TV operators and consumers, and is now bringing that expertise to the smart TV and automotive domains. TiVo OS works with numerous global and local content partners in every region, bringing a diverse entertainment experience to smart TVs with Vestel and Sharp, and in the car with BMW.

All In One Place

When using smart TVs Powered by TiVo, consumers can enjoy a fully integrated content experience. Due to the independent and unbiased platform that TiVo OS provides, smart TVs Powered by TiVo provide highly personalized entertainment experience to each person using these devices. All the diverse types of content work together to provide a unique customer experience. From trending shows on global streaming platforms to local rugby matches in Ireland on local broadcast stations and more, consumers are able to find all of the content they need in just one place.

Once the content is aggregated into one place, the challenge then arises of how to ensure that the content the viewer wants is getting to the front of their screens. With enhanced discoverability and search features, smart TVs Powered by TiVo further enhance the user experience. TiVo’s universal search and discovery – which is available on all of TiVo’s platforms and devices – allows users to find the shows and movies more easily they want, while also receiving recommendations for shows that are most aligned with their interests. When using TiVo, viewers can easily use voice search to find just what they’re looking for – even if they don’t remember the name. Ask TiVo to “show me what’s on tonight” to see what shows are playing that you might like to watch or use your favorite movie quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates,” to bring up Forrest Gump.

Offering consumers the best, most seamless experience ensures that they stay with their favorite services. When people can find what they want, there is no longer the nightly challenge of not finding something to watch or troubling to remembering where that content lives – when they’re happy with the content they’re finding, they’re less likely to cancel their subscriptions in frustration. Making it easier for consumers to find what they want, keeping them happy with their entertainment experience and in the end reducing subscription churn – benefiting everyone throughout the ecosystem.

Through all these different pieces working together, TiVo plays an important role in giving users a truly personalized experience. Starting with comprehensive content offering all the way to the AI-powered recommendations, TiVo understands what is important to viewers and is dedicated to delivering a customized and unique experience to every household.


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