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TiVo music experts are attending the Music Business Association’s annual Music Biz convention in Nashville, May 15-18.

Music Biz is the music industry’s premier event and the only music business convention in North America that brings together executives from the commerce, content and creative communities for meetings, education and networking.

Michael Jeffrey, TiVo’s VP of Client Engagement and Partnerships, will serve as a panelist for the Metadata Standards vs. Practices session at the event’s fifth annual Metadata Summit on Tuesday, May 16.

Many may be more familiar with TiVo’s Video Metadata, however, our Music Metadata offers industry-leading coverage of more than 3 million album releases and 32 million tracks worldwide. Our recent introduction of Song Connect links all versions of a particular song – live, studio, acoustic, remix, alternate versions and covers – back to the original master, improving discovery and helping music labels, publishers and distributors refresh the sales of older recordings and promote back catalogs. Powered by TiVo’s Knowledge Graph Engine, Song Connect combines machine learning with curated editorial content to give music lovers better entertainment experiences.

Contact us to learn more about Song Connect.

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